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Which of the seven deadly sins—sloth, greed, lust, gluttony, anger, envy, and pride—are you most likely to commit?

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  • Our particular sins are irrelevant. What matters is this…

    "Either sin is with you, lying on your shoulders, or it is lying on Christ, the Lamb of God. Now if it is lying on your back, you are lost; but if it is resting on Christ, you are free, and you will be saved. Now choose what you want." -Martin Luther

  • Конечно лень, но мне не совсем понятно почему в смертных грехах гордыня. В теологии не силен, ибо отношу себя, к недовечивым или к агностикам.

  • Do I really have to pick just one? I mean come on they are all so wonderful.

    Sloth: Come on, who doesn't like being lazy now and again. The trick is to not allow it to rule your life.  Use it, be lazy when time permits, go a few days without cleaning the house and experience the liberation. Besides it feels so much better to have a clean house when it's been a mess for a week.

    Greed: Please, how are we going to get the economy to come back around without greed? Greed is just the desire for more than we have now, do I want more? Of course I do! I'm damn near living on food stamps, so hell yes I want more.

    Lust: Now how would I even be here if it weren't for lust? Answer...I wouldn't be. Do I enjoy it? Of course I do, who doesn't enjoy the feeling of desire for the partner, or the knowledge that they are desired by their partner. Then of course there is the simple act of sating that desire, a joy to experience. 

    Gluttony: Ok I don't really get into this one very much although I do in some respects. Generally this refers to food, but ultimately it means more of overindulgence. Indulgence I dearly enjoy, as does everyone who bothers to be honest with themselves. Seriously we all like chocolate, or other sweet things; silk, linen, cotton, or other such soft clothing. Whats not to be indulged in? Excepting of course anything that is hurtful to others.

    Anger: Ok I don't really indulge this one a lot either. Most anger makes me nervous, but there are times when it is very appropriate. So when it is I do engage, although mostly I get mad at video games and such rather than people. When I do get angry with a person or situation I use it as a gauge to tell me whats wrong so I know what needs attention.

    Envy: This one sits right next to greed. Envy is just the desire for what someone else has. With most things that's not even an issue, if I want a playstation like the guy next door, I can go to the electronics store and buy one. If I want a new car there's a store for that too. It becomes a problem when you want something that is unique, for example your neighbors spouse. Fortunately I don't engage in that manner of envy, just the envy of station and power, or money. As with greed I want more than I currently have and I see no problem with that. Again I'm rather poor so wanting more than just barely enbough to live on isn't saying much.

    Pride: Seriously? What's wrong with loving myself? I went through too many years of people saying that I wasn't worth loving to listen to anyones bullshit on the subject now. I love myself and you can fuck off if you don't agree with me. If you don't love yourself you can never really love anyone else, so why would I want to not love myself. Simple I wouldn't not if I have any sense, which thankfully I do. So yes Pride is my friend and I carry it well.

  • Sloth (at the moment, been so sick for 2 weeks, no energy).
  • Sloth.  Everyone has issues with just about the whole specturm of 'sins' there but for me being unmotivated is my worst.  Which leads to me putting things off and just being all around lazy sometimes.  I hate it.  I've recognized the fact more so in the past few months and I've started to do something about it with starting up more exersize and just adjusting priorities in general.  Hopefully I can keep those habits at bay and get it under control.
  • Вот уже 27 лет я особь мужского пола, всегда задавался вопросом, а почему я и почему мужчина, есть конечно варианты ответом. От теологических до метафизических (типа х хромосома оказалась проворнее) )) Но вопрос мой задается не просто себе, а больше женщинам, как вам в этом мире, что вы думаете и о чем мечтаете, что ждете от жизни и на самом ли деле мужчин не бывает, а есть только мужланы и мужичошки?
  • I guess I would say lust is the first, greed or gluttony maybe, but pride and envy along with lust are the big ones, lol
  • That's easy. Pride. It's been my downfall before, and I foresee it being my downfall again.
  • I am guilty of them all quite frequently. Perhaps greed and gluttony less than the others, and lust only when someone in particular has caught my attention (which isn't often - I can and have gone a year or more without lust). Sloth, anger, envy, and pride, however, are practically staples of my personality. Frankly, I suspect this is true of most people - that it's just human nature. Which "deadly sins" (I'd call them natural human characteristics) play the largest roles in a given individual's life may vary, but no one is completely free of them.
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