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Been There, Done That

If you could live one day in your life over and over, which day would it be?

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  • the day I wish I could have over is one day when my husband and I first were together. we lived with two of my brothers in a studio apartment. Daniel and I stayed in the big walk in closet we fit a bed in it lol. we had the place to our selfs for once and we made love all day long. its always better the first few weeks when your with some one. dont get me wrong we are still madly in love but i miss the new feeling. the first kiss the first time you make love. i think every one feels that way after being married for over 5 years.

  • Honestly, one day in God's house would be better than a thousand elsewhere...  


  • it would probably be the day i saw Chris at the arcade
  • Why on Earth would anyone want to be stuck in a time loop? That would be Hell.
  • if i could live over and over one day i would want to relive the say i met a guy lets call him o.  it was the best day ever i couldn't stop smiling and i was geuinley happy for the first time in a long time.  he was just perfect we had or have so much in common and that day we couldn't keep our eyes of each other and he was so i guess fascinated with me because he said i wasn't like most girls i was amazed by him because he was so perfect for me.  i remeber we were both skate boarding xD it was so awesome i almost even beat him at basketball.  everyone around us could feel the chemistry we had.  i would love to relive that day and feel that feeling over and over again...

  • None. As amazing as some days have been in my life, I would never want to live a day over and over--I think I would become too attached..I would have never endured those bad days since that one amazing day, and as nice as that might sound I would have never learned the lessons I needed to have learned. Always look towards the future, never dwindle on the past too long, no matter how amazing or awful it was...you can't change it :]
  • When me and Hilary would spend the night at my Granny's house. We would get up and make pancakes and make really small ones and give them to Pop, he liked the small ones. Or when we had the whole family over for poker nights. Or Thanksgiving, Christmas. Oh, when we would go down to Value city and end up at Chilies every time. God, I really miss Granny. I just can't help but cry for her. I don't know why, its been years but, every time I just bawl. Ha, it's my taboo.

  • july 17th, burning up tour .
    no questions asked <3 .

    summer, jonas, bestfriend, sister .
    everyone i loved was in the same place.

  • Oh I thought this would be easy but now I keep thing of other great days. I'll choose this one because the experience lasted the longest. The day I went to PA to see Maroon 5 & John Mayer in concert. I bought meet and greet tix to see Maroon 5, this was our 2nd time meeting them but first formal type thing. Jessie C (he talked to me and my friends the most) let me listen to his IPod (Beethoven). I didn’t get to actually speak to Adam, all the cutesy girls were mobbing him but He kept looking over at us trying to let us know he saw us and wanted to meet us we just waved. I appreciated it. May I add his stare makes your knees weak its crazy intense. I guess those girls made me feel inferior. I do regret letting that hold me back from going over to meet him. After all that awesomeness the concert was so amazing I dances and sang the whole time. I didn’t give a shit about anyone judging me and I’m pretty sure that why I had so much fun that time. Not to mention John Mayer turned out to be amazing (I heard his cd for the first time on the way to the show).
  • If I could live one day in my life over and over, what day would it be?

    Can anyone say "Groundhog Day"!  

    "Don't drive angry...don't drive angry!".  If you've seen it, you remember the line, or at least remember Punxsutawney Phil.  Anyway, this romantic comedy did make you think about how you would go about your day knowing you would have that same day over and over again.  In one way, it's like eating your favorite dish over and over every night, ...you are ultimately going to hate your once favorite food.  So selecting the first "cool" thing you remember would be terrible.  In another way, you could alter specific parts of the day knowing you could have a fresh day...the very next day.  Huh? ...wait...okay, I am back on track, ...lost it there for a minute.  But with that, you would drive yourself crazy thinking up schemes and acting like a sleezeball every day.  So, as I mentioned before, this film made you think about that very question, what day would you live over and over again?  I'll try to sort it out and give a somewhat "simple" answer.  I think I would initially want to say the day I first experienced  "true love" or had a "sexual encounter", but that is more like an exhilarating moment.  I would then want to say the day I accomplished something meaningful, like a graduation, or the day my art piece was shown at the Arizona State Fair when I was kid, or when I nailed an interview and received a job.  Although those kind of things are memorable to me, I don't think I would be excited to relive those days ...because frankly...I'm not too excited about it now as I write about it.  Now, because I like sports, I could say I would live the day my sports team won, like the Arizona Diamondbacks miraculous 7th game win, or the day Sir Charles hit a shot to sink the San Antonio Spurs, or the day I actually saw my Arizona Cardinals win the NFC West, ...but again, I think I would be sitting at home after the 9th day I experienced it.  So, a final answer?  A serious one or a funny one?  Well, I think I have both.  With all that I have explained, I think I would do a super size combo meal, ...meaning I would pick a day where practically all my family and friends were alive and healthy, a day where I knew all four of the major sports were on, a moment where I had no hate and a lot of love inside myself, a day where I knew the food was "mwuah" and had five hundy in my pocket, a day where I felt my God's presence and gave a little shout out, a day where all the blockbuster movies were released, and lastly, ...a day where my hair was looking juuuuuust right.  I think that would be the day I would live over and over again.  If that got denied, ...well, ...I'd just take that "exhilarating sexual encounter" day.  Why not?            

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