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Even if you're not actively eavesdropping, you can hear some interesting things. What's the best conversation you've ever overheard?

Answers (188)

  • The best conversation I overheard was while I was seeing the Bodies exhibit with my nephew.  There was a German man with his son, who was about 6 years old, and he was very patiently explaining all the exhibits to his son.  I ended up following him for a bit because he explained everything so gently, yet matter-of-factly, explaining everything in language his son could understand.  This is why I could understand the conversation, my German is not as good as it used to be but I can still understand it.  I learned some new words too.
  • One time I heard a guy talking about how he would love to pose nude for an art class, but he was afraid he would get "excited" if a pretty girl was drawing him...that was pretty funny..lol

  • Hahaha. Ohhh man. I always try not to listen to people conversations but i can't help myself. I've actaully heard people talking about their sex lives and how their husbands penis's are small and so forth let's just say that was like hilarious. I couldn't help but listen and laugh my ass off.
  • well i guess the best convo. i have
    heard that i can think of right now is
    the chrostmas of 08' i was walking
    down the hall && over heard my mom
    && aunt on the phone talking about my
    christmas present i was getting from my
    aunt( ;
  • The only thing I can really remember specifically is walking past guys that are in the cold. XD One screamed really loud "MY NIPPLES ARE HARD!!" XD

    Otherwise, I eavesdrop so much I can't remember every individual conversation. But sometimes I get so interested in them that I don't even want to leave! Like I want to find out what happens. XD

  • This morning while on the shuttle that brings college students from the parking lot to campus, I overheard only one line of conversation over the radio that the bus drivers use to communicate with one another: "Just remember, man... she's only 17..."
  • I was at Chris' house and we were sleeping. All of the sudden his grandmother starts yelling and screaming at his younger brother. He has snuck a girl into the house and planned to have her stay over the night. He is 15, she....13...WTF?
  • I was enjoying my tea. Rooibos. The steam fogged up my glasses and warmed the senses. The smell of cinnamon found its way into my nose and out my ears. There were two men dressed in all-black, just like in the movies. They wore gloves too. I only overheard bits and pieces. They were planning to blow-up Mount Rushmore. Or was it the White House? Maybe it was Disneyland... In any case, there was a muttering of explosives and fires and a man named Chrysanthemum. The name made me think of gingerbread cookies and it all seemed to match so well with what I was sipping. The moon was out, cold and white, and it may as well have been the sun. Shadows shone all about. My shadow lounged itself against surrounding foliage. It sat between the shadows of the two compatriots. And all three shadows were conspiring, plotting some plan of fire and brimstone and black gloves. I can only imagine the details my shadow heard, the complex minutia of connecting wires and picking locks and dismantling security systems with paperclips. The deception and cloak and dagger of it all. The other two finished their debriefing, emptied paper cups of light brown coffee that had gone cold all too long ago. As they stood, their shadows followed suit and they were gone, off to destroy the faces of presidents or cartoon characters. Black became black and the moon was the only witness. I sat there alone, my tea somewhere in my stomach by now. I thought of calling the FBI or the police or my mother, but my phone remained a dent in my pocket. I stood, and my shadow followed suit. After all, I didn't want to deprive my shadow.
  • A couple days ago at work actually this guys came up to give there tickets and one of them said something like people who do what im doing should go to jail for a long time... i gave them a weird look and they returned it.
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