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You Wouldn't Understand

Almost everyone coins or uses expressions that make sense to only a few people. What word or phrase do you use most often that you have to explain the meaning of to others?

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  • Whatever floats your boat. 

    Perhaps more people use the expression within my age range, but usually I receive a bewildered stare whenever I use it, leading to an explanation.

    'Whatever floats your boat' is basically an expression meaning 'whatever pleases you, even though I don't agree' or 'whatever excites you, but I don't share that excitement'. The expression is usually reserved for instances when someone is enthralled with something, or likes someone or something that you don't necessarily understand or return their attraction or like. It can also be defined as an expression of indifference.

    Example: if you were to tell me you loved sharks- and I didn't, but also didn't want to be blunt I'd say, 'whatever floats your boat.'  

    My father always used a myriad of expressions, ranging from the bizarre to catchy. Apparently he picked it up on the ship he used to command, and he passed it on to me. 

    You can comment or not...

    Whatever floats your boat.
  • monkey glue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it is a long long long long story believe me you dont want to know)
  •     Wow. Where to begin. Where to begin. My sisters and I have so many sayings that don't make sense to anyone but us. Usually it's something that I've said that is really fucking random and doesn't in fact make sense to anyone. Myself included.
        One such phrase that is oft uttered in our house comes to mind: 
    "If we are very quiet, we can hear the cornbread falling from the pine trees." 
    Yeah...I have no clue what the fuck that was about. I was sitting out on the balcony with my older sister staring into the woods when I said this. Honestly I just think that I'm fucking crazy. There are probably others who would agree.
        Several other conversations have been similar to this. I am known for my randomness in conversation. In fact my younger sister and I were talking just last night about how we should do a web show together. It would just be a show about our conversations every night. Because they are fucked up. hehe. You'd honestly think that we were staging conversations for the show if we had a web show. Anywho...here are some of our other sayings:

    "A yerm?!? What is that---some sort of a yiddish worm??!"

    "Have you shot an elephant today?"
    "Well get back out there---the day's not over yet!!"

        No lies. We hold fucked up conversations like that all the time. We have serious issues. Issues that we hope to get rich off of sometime in the near future. xD

  • Drawlings.

    Yeah.  Post if you get it.  I can only think of four people who know what that means.

  • Godot.  Especially as an interjection or the replacement of a movie/book/song title.  And yes, as in Waiting for Godot.  It came about from me yelling at another driver who was taking entirely too long to actually put their foot on the gas, "What are you waiting for? Christmas? An invitation? Godot?!"
  •    Well, I've had a few expressions like this throughout my life. I tend to form associations that stick in my head long after the original meaning has passed. For instance, I watched an episode of Doctor Who called "The Sound of Drums" that involved a villain who constantly heard a drum beat inside his head.  Right as he sets his evil plan into motion, he shouts, "Here come the drums!" Thus, whenever I see a bad situation looming on the horizon, I automatically think "Oh, here come the drums." It means very little to anyone but me, and it's easier to explain to someone who also watches Doctor Who.

      Another phrase I use that often requires explanation is "neon sign moment." There are times in my walk with God that I feel he is showing me a certain verse or concept. Then I will  constantly see or hear things (songs on the radio, parts of a sermon, comments in conversation, etc) that reinforce it , usually totally independently of each other and seemingly "coincidentally. I call those "neon sign moments" Because it seems like God is holding up a neon sign saying, "Sharie, look at this."

  • The word is "confuddled". I don't use it much anymore, but it came about in college. I meant to say that something was confusing me or befuddling me, but it came out mish-mashed as "confuddled".
  • I use Alot of wierd expressions. Mostly I say "crowbar" for the express purpose of pissing my friend off. Or just scaring the hell out of her. And "clown" and "purple". haha. I'm evil, I know. Mine is an evil laugh.
  • Poopsock.  I don't know where exactly it originated, but it's a reference to World of Warcraft.  Examples:

    "I almost took a shower this month, but then I decided to just head back to the poopsock."

    "Stop trolling the forums and hit up the poopsock scrub."

    "Hey mom, let me grab those hot pockets outta the microwave, nah sorry can't come to bible study with ya, got poopsock."

    "lolol you spend how many hours of your life with the poopsock?"

  • LOL! Well, I had to explain what FTW (For the Win) means to my mom a few months ago. She thought it stood for "Fuck the World", which, in some cases could potentially be true, but not usually when I'm using the phrase. I also had to explain to my Aunt Mary what "Inorite?" means when I texted it to her the other day. I can never seem to use "I know, right?" anymore, it's always "inorite?"
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