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Who (or what) is your favorite fictional robot?

Answers (228)

  • From “Short Circuit 1” and “Short Circuit 2”, Johnny 5 is my favorite robot. In the beginning of the first movie, he’s thought to have no humanlike qualities and feelings. Nova Robotics, which had programmed robots for combot, wants to believe that he is malfunctioning, wants to disassemble him and “fix” him for what they want. It takes a while before they realize that he’s not harmful—but, he wants to save others, even falls in love with the girl. All this happens, as he gets “shut down”, then fixes himself right up again in the first movie. His adventures continue even more so throughout the 2nd movie, but the military has no involvement in his adventures this time.

  • Anyone remember Rosie from the Jetson's? She was way before her time.


  • My favorite robot would have to be Marvin from douglas adams' hitchhikers guide. He is depressed and he complains about everything
  • Kryten
  • Wall-E, M-O, Burn-E(all from Wall-E), David from A.I., Number 5 from Short Circuit, and Bender
  • When I was a kid, my favorite character in "Star Wars" was R2-D2.
  • Mechagodzilla!!! 2 words ATOMIC BREATH
  • ZOMG, It's so obvious really, but I shall answer this properly later. Watch this space...or don't.
  • That would be none other than Wall-E. The sweet little robot with a really big robot heart; who else do you know can love a cockroach like a puppy? Despite his programming he appreciated and dreamed, and given any opportunity followed his dreams. He's not much in the sense of humor department but he tries which is one of his most endearing traits (sounds like someone else I know). His big "eyes" are probably his most notable feature and I always thought it was SO cute the way he could move them up and down, kinda like a puppy cocking its head sideways when its confused. His little robot pride in his work (gathering and stacking garbage on earth) was closely linked to his programmed dedication to it, but what I loved best was even despite all of that he wasn't bound to it. Something people this day and age tend to forget about. I notice a lot of ppl have the mentality that they get up every morning to go to work, then come home after only to pretty much go to sleep and then do it all over again. I like a little routine in my life, don't get me wrong, and I also know work is a necessity, but work is not why we live; its what we all do for a living. Even though Wall-E had his "directive" on Earth to clean it up when he found something he was looking for he chose to go after it. I really liked that about him. Plus his persistance is both annoying and adorable from a female point of view (speaking in terms of EVE I mean). Even if things aren't meant to be or they simply come out wrong the first 20 times what girl can't secretly admire a guy willing to try? And I'm not talking about the "suave cassanova" guys either, things always come easier to them, nah, I'm talking about the underdog guys. I've always admired guys in my past who tried to ask me out but I just wasn't interested. It takes guts, I know. And a little persistance is cute, but only when the guy knows when not to cross the line. Well I think I took this tangent in and out of context here. I'm not really feeling well so I'll toddle off right after I add this little pre-Valentine's day tid bit taking this topic off topic yet again xD I love odds and ends quizzes like this.....ok toddling off now...night.
  • Wall-E from the latest Pixar movie.  This robot has a romantic streak not to mention very expressive eyes. 
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