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Have you ever stolen something and gotten away with it? Did you feel guilty about it later?

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  • ive stolen many things, and gotten away with it 99% of the time. i dont feel guilty for doing it, maybe once, when i stole my aunts fake ring from her dress-up jewelry box. i felt guilty when i got caught stealing percriptions from my mom and i will never do that again. but for the most part, i steal from stores, not individual people, and i will not feel guilty from stealing ffrom a store.
  • To put it simply, yes.  I have.
  • yeaaa...many times.

    felt guilty no.

    i did it for the rush that feeling of getting caught, never was busted tho.

    i dont remember the first time i stole, but one time when i was about 13 i was out with some friends at a local shopping center, and we hit every store and stole atleast one thing. we even went in the chinese buffet and stole crab legs...why i have no idea.

    i didnt keep anything though, i always gave it away to my friends because i felt they needed the things more then me.
  • Yeah, I think everyone has, in one way or another. The first time was when I was really little, like five or something, and my mom went to this beading store all the time (we lived in Connecticut), and there was this big chest full of little plastic beads for kids. Every time she took me, I would always ask her for something out of the box, and one day, she told me that the beads were to ugly and she wouldn't buy them. I decided to take matters into my own hands and casually walked over and stuffed a whole bunch of the beads in the back of my shoes. We were with my cousins. When we got home, I put them in my crayon box and left them there for like, a month, until my mom found them and remembered where they were from. she told me that I should have at least taken prettier ones.

    The next time was the summer going from sixth to seventh grade. Sixth grade was not a good year for me, and neither was the summer afterwords. I stole a crapload of stuff from Spencer's,] (I was in my "goth" phase) because I needed more stuff to complete my image before I went to camp. It worked, but my parents found out later, and I changed my ways. That was the last time. I don't really feel guilty that I stole anything, I just wish I hadn't because then I wouldn't have this whole weight on me, like I can never honestly say that I have never stolen anything before. And If anyone found out, like my friends, I can only hope that they would just tell me I'm a horrible person, and not dump me completely.
  • no, never stole anything
  • Have you ever stolen something and gotten away with it? Did you feel guilty about it later?

    Hmpf, nu pot sa zic ca se numea furat, mai degraba .. E nu, ba se numea furat. Cand eram mica si mergeam cu tata in piata imi placea sa fur legume.
    Nu sunt vegetariana.
    Dar imi placea, simteam ca fac ceva de care tata ar fi fost mandru. Si de fiecare data cand mergeam la cumparaturi cu el luam de pe marginea tarabei cate un cartof, un morcov, fie el cat de mic. Sa fie acolo.
    Eram destul de curajoasa. Iar tata, desi imi spunea dupa aceea ca nu e bine ce fac, pe moment era mandru de mine.Poate ca vedea ca vreau sa il ajut cu o leguma-n plus la supa. Ideea e ca faceam ceva pentru el si cred ca asta conta cel mai mult :D.
    Stia ca sunt constienta ca nu e voie dar eram destul de isteata sa-mi dau seama ca imi insusesc obiectele alea in gluma.

    Imi amintesc cand intr-o zi m-am pierdut prin piata (m-am pierdut la 4 metri de tata) si fiind scunda, m-am agatat de mana unui nene crezand ca-i tata.. evident. Si cand s-a uitat ala in jos si eu la fata lui, am inceput sa plang si sa tip, ca unde-i tata.
    Draguta copilarie. Dar n-as vrea sa o mai repet .
    Si nu regret niciun bob de fasole .. imprumutat.
    Ca doar totul

  • Yes I have and no I didn't.

  • I used to steal mangas. I actually loved doing it! It was so much fun and the rush--OH GOD the rush was absolutely amazing!! But anyway, I didnt really feel bad about it until my mom caught me.

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