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When it comes to clothes, would you rather be comfortable or fashionable?

Answers (248)

  • Comfort, absolutely!! I like to look nice, but I'm not going to suffer to do so!!

  • Definitely comfortable! i'm not that fashionable *giggles*
  • Another easy one. I would much rather be comfortable. I've gotten to the point that dressing up for weddings, funerals, etc. is a drag. I'd be in pjs and bathrobe every day if I could. Not possible, I know, but my days off are often that way!!

  • Comfortable.
    I live in jeans except on Sunday.

    Here's the thing about the jeans, though. I haven't been able to bring myself to wear the skinny jeans.
    I used to wear those years ago when I was in high school. In fact, I wore them way past the time they went out of style because I liked them.

    One day, my stylish friend asked me why I was still wearing straight legged jeans.

    She told me I needed to be wearing boot cut jeans. 

    I made the big switch.

    Now, I imagine one of these days she's going to ask me,

    "Why are you still wearing boot-cut jeans?"

  • I would definitely say both. I love being comfortable but I also love having fashionable things on/with my clothes.
  • Comfortable. I dislike other people (girls, mostly) who wrinkle their noses at some minutely absurd fashion (like wearing a black shirt and brown jacket, which I still don't understand) while they in turn wear certain shoes to match certain outfits.
    I usually just throw something on-- jeans, t-shirt, socks and sneakers in the winter, hoodie or combat jacket, and I'm set. It takes me five minutes, tops. This is usually because I can't tie shoes fast. Heck, I don't even care if my socks match or not.
    Besides, I really am not fashionable. I'm a tomboy, have been for nearly all my life. Nothing changes that. BTW, I don't wear/own heels or dresses, and I don't wear skirts and flats to school. Especially.
    So, basically comfortable is what I go for. I'd rather look mildly bad in something that is comfortable than in something that looks amazing and have it be too tight-fitting or "frilly." Ick, frilly and lacy and sparkly. No, thanks.

    Anyway, that's my spiel.

  • Comfortable.
  • I would much rather be comfortable. I do not care what others think about my clothes I am my own person and they cannot control my personality.
  • "Neatness counts," but people often take it to the extreme.  They wear very uncomfortable clothing just to look nice.  To tell the truth, many so-called fashionable styles are not neat or fashionalbe at all.  They are often improper, such as exposing too much body parts or have words or designs encouraging unpleasant behavior.  Some make the wearer look too artificial, and people should look natural and wear what is comfortable.

    My body and skin are sensitive, so I can't wear tight-fitting clothing.  Many materials, especially rough ones, make my skin itch or turn red.  That's why I prefer comfort over fashion.  It's also a way of showing my true self and not being fake or deceitful, and emphasizing that personality is the priority, and the exterior is one of the least important aspects.
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