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On the Bus

Jam a bunch of people together in a tight space like a bus or the subway and something crazy is bound to happen. What's the most memorable thing you've seen on mass transit?

Answers (225)

  • I haven't seen anything too crazy. Once I fell asleep though on the train and missed my stop.


    That picture isn't actually of me. It kind of looks like me though, or at least one of my sisters.

  • Way back in the sixties, on a Boston 'elevated' train, a guy in a women's red Flamenco outfit, complete with wig,comb and veil,and Spanish high heels, sinuously posed himself against one of the poles. Everyone calmly pretended not to notice. Maybe he lost a bet??

  • The craziest mass transit I've been on was in South America. We were jammed on to their version of a bus right beside the squawking chickens. 

     When the vehicle got stranded in the middle of nowhere, everyone got off and started walking through the mud like this happened all the time and it was no big deal. 

    I kind of wondered how we were ever going to make it back to civilization, but eventually another bus came along and picked us up.

  • Ok. so. I answered this one before, but now that I've had copious amounts of experience with mass transit around lovely europe, I can answer much better.
    my most memorable moment on mass transit, was the day in Berlin when we went to tour the Brewery. it was kind of boring, but, long story short, we got free alcohol. my teacher did this whole 'I'm going to assume you'll make the right choice and get 'none alcoholic beverages', however, I'll be over here, and promise not to look in your direction. conveniently' thing. (srsly. he's an awesome guy). now, obviously, my teacher had some drinks of his own (who the hell wouldn't? oh, I might also mention that the limit was three drinks per person, so no one got completely pissed. except for Heather and Ziggy, but well, they're special). anyway, afterwards, we had to catch a train to get back to wherever the hell we were supposed to meet our German hosts, and we all boarded and scrambled to find seats, and just as my teacher was about to sit down next to this guy, the train decided to like, floor it, or something, and he ended up landing like, directly in the guy's lap. it was fracken HILARIOUS. the whole group laughed our asses off at him, and teased him for 'having had too much to drink'.
    he was really embarrassed.
    oh, fun.
  • Ok so i was with a group of people in Washington D.C. on one of the metros, my brother was sitting across from this man who was literally foaming at the mouth, thats not even the weirdest thing. when we got off at our stop the man then proceded to stand up and demand that my brother shake his hand before exiting the train. I thought it was hilarious but then my sister rushed to my brother with some handsanitizer which, to me was even funnier than the handshake!
  • Okay, I finally have a good story for this and it happened tonight.

    I jump on the redline and a few minutes before I have to get off, when this dominering voice fills the car. There's not many of us, maybe twenty, and when I turn my head it's this black kid my age. Two other guys are with him when he announcing their going to put on a show for us.
    "Okay, here's the rules: One, if you see something you like and couldn't do, clap. Two, if you see something you don't like: clap. Three, if you're really impressed, you'll but some money in this hat"
    He held out a green hat before putting it down.  Our announcer starts jazzing up and down the aisle. He walks past me and tells everybody to clear the floor because "they're not that good."
    In the doorway, the one that would stay closed for the part of the line I was on, they had an Ipod shuffle hooked up to this subwoofer that was the size of my roommates footrest. It starts playing some kind of dance-beat-I have no idea what-
    Our Announcer starts jazzing up the aisle, moving his feet this way and that. Then he starts breaking dancing. I'm sitting, thank god, so there's no way for me to get in the way when he decided to grab the bars and flip over backwards in front of me. It was insane. He twirled over, body going, and at some point ended up rolling on the floor.
    We all clapped. Had to-it was pretty amazing.
    But it was my stop, so I had to run. Part of me kind of wishes I just kept riding until they were done...

  • This invovles my friend Sophie, whom we both were together all the time. I Remember this one crazy summer night, right after boarding a bus, a bum or simply crazy dirty man wanted to get off at a couple stops aheah. Sophie & I were sitting right infront of the back door & the man kept starring at us and started to do some weird karate moves right infront of everybody. We were trying not to laugh but how could we not? Then he looked at me and said "You! I like you best." And the looked at my friend and said "And you, you I like you second best!" Kind of like a pirate.. & got off the bus. You wonder how come there are so many weird people sometimes.
  • Well I hail from Cleveland, Ohio who has by far one of the biggest and widely used transit systems in the nation, not to brag of course, RTA. Well the Worst ride of my life was a triple play on Cleveland RTA's #1 line. in 35 mins I encountered some of the most craziest people ever to ride the bus. first there was a guy playing with a switch blade at the bustop, then a woman singing to the music on her head phones that weren't plugged up to anything, and then to top it all off my crazy friend gets in to a convo with a guy who believed the devil had a wife ( the devil happened to be Ozzie Osborne BTW). It was the craziest ride of my life!
  • I was on a bus bound for Florida with my DECA class. One of my male classmates jumped up and started giving everyone a strip show while singing "I'm too Sexy" as he was walking down the isle. It's one of my favorite memories. ^_^
  • Как-то с утра, опаздывая в универ, я втиснулась в уже порядком забитый троллейбус и попыталась достать кошелек, чтобы заплатить за проезд. При этом мужчина, которому я уперлась локтем в солнечное сплетение, передернулся и зацепил рукой мои наушники, которые, выдравшись из мобилки, взвились вверх и упали переходником на плечо какой-то бабушке. С перепугу она начала отбиваться, от чего переходник завалился ей в косынку и заелозил по шее. Ничего не соображая от паники, уверенная, что подверглась нападению голодной пчелы-шатуна, бабушка, причитая, стала сдирать с себя косынку. Но вместе с ней вырвала наушники у меня из ушей, где они все это время держались, хоть как-то контролируя ситуацию, и они, мелькнув в воздухе, вмиг опутали ее в несколько оборотов, угрожающе покачивая белыми капсулами в непосредственной близости от ее дрожащего тела. Бедная старушка, голося, высвободилась из пут взбесившейся техники и отшвырнула хищные проводки подальше. Но это был еще не конец. Они зацепились за поручень и по принципу лебедки съехали переходником сидящему на соседнем сидении мальчику прямо в руки. Он несказанно удивился. Вот уж точно манна небесная!
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