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Writer's Block

Shops Gone By

Woolworths shut its doors in the U.K. last week, sending many into a frenzy of nostalgia and bargain shopping. What now-closed store or chain do you wish was still open?

Answers (268)

  • I wish we had Krystal chains here in Canada! I'm originally from Georgia and we had Krystals. It's White Castle for all you Northern states. It has some amazing food. I love their chilli cheese fries and what they call a Chik. It's just a litle chicken sandwich. Like the White Castle Burgers. I would also love it if we had some In-N-Out. Those places have some good food to.
  • It's a tie between Ames and Blockbuster. Ames was a nice little store round the parking lot of the local mall over here. I miss it so. There was a Blockbuster down the street from my house; very convenient if I needed a game or a movie in a flash, but it was closed due to lack of business. No surprise there since their inventory was poorly stocked. But I miss Ames more than Blockbuster and coincidentally enough, in my second favorite show, Dark Angel (starring Jessica Alba), there was a man in season two who served as the main antagonist, his name was Ames White :P!
  • AMES

    or maybe caldoors .. they were both pretty good stores. except once at caldoors the automatic door closed on my moms elbow and she got injured and sued for money!!

  • I'm answering this late because up until now, I didn't really miss anything.  But yesterday, going to Belk's White Sale, we noticed that Circuit City was closing.  Even though they're not that good here, I'm still sad.

    But we got great deals!

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  • Ames!
  • What is Woolsworth?
  • Ames. It was so convenient to have a place to shop right in the village of Alden. Now we have to drive to the mall if we want to go shopping.
  • Well it's not really a store per se, but Sizzler or eat-in Pizza Huts. Because I love all you can eat, especially when they have the pasta and sauce separate, so I can have it just how I like it, and go back for seconds, etc. The closest we have now is Smorgy's in Geelong and nobody ever wants to go there! Oh and Sizzler was great because they had that cheese bread stuff we always had as an entree when I went with my family while we were living in Canberra.
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