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From A to Z

Using one word for each letter of the alphabet, make a list of the words you most associate with yourself or that you feel best describe you.

Answers (216)

  • I'm feeling the blues...........

    I realized that I placed this on my journal, then as a can-idiot, I never answered it. So, here goes!!

    A- Adventurous: Definately me. I am one of those people that I wants to try, eat, smell, experience, live anything. I can't get enough!

    B- Beast: Sometimes I have moments when I can't keep my attitude problem to myself and I love to pinch people. It makes me laugh. I suppose that's rather beastly as well.

    C- Creative: One word-- Socks. I wear the most ridiculous socks ever. I don't care if they match my clothes or not. Right now I am wearing some that look like the Cheshire Cat's stripes.

    D- Dramatic: I am a girl afterall.

    E- Eccentric- I get easily Excited... which is another E word... however, I have been told that I am Eccentric more than once.

    F- FATTTTTT!!!!! because I'm cooler than you!

    G- Generous- I give away my money to someone that needs it more than I do... and anyone that knows me well would agree.

    H- Hilarious: I would tell you the brick joke. however it takes too long.

    I- inventive: I am always coming up with ridiculous ideas that I never follow through with, but I come up with them, nonetheless.

    J- Juicy: ha ha ha matt told me this word and I busted out laughing.

    K- Kind-hearted: When I tell you that I love you... I effing mean it.

    L- Loyal: until the end. even when you walk on me for years and years. until i can no longer take it and have to break it off. I would still be friends with you if you apologized. if you loved me as much as i love you. if you could just give one god damned time in you life. if you could feel real. if you could smile through your heartache and give me another chance. even if you have done nothing to deserve it. even if... even if.... even if....

    M- Multicolored: I am a rainbow of experiences.

    O- Open-minded: ask anything, tell anything.

    P: Protesting

    Q- Questioning: I ask ONE MILLION questions every single day.... or close to that anyway.

    R- Ridiculous


    T- TINA: duh.

    U- Unique: as you can be while copying others. Everyone copies someone. I just copied a bunch of cool people. ha ha ha

    V- Vendictive: sometimes. I have my decades.

    W- Wild

    X- rated:

    Y- Yaaaaaarrrrrr!: what would you do with a drunken sailor? what would you do with a drunken sailor? Ear-liiiie in the morning? put him on a long boat till he's sober. put him on a long boat till he's sober. Put him on a long boat till he's sober Ear-liiie in the morning!

    Z- zero: I was once a zero. I suppose part of me still clings to that once in a while. I have moments when I feel alone and unloved. Hated, in fact.

  • Some of them I have more than one word for. XD

    A: Adam-Lambert-Obsessed.
    B: Bitchy. Sometimes.
    E: Enthusiastic. No need for description.
    F: Funny and fiery! =DDDDD
    G: Great. XD
    H: ...High. On life. XD
    I: Interesting.
    J: Jester. YAY IT WORKS AGAIN!
    K: Kitten. I can be as gentle as a kitten sometimes. X3
    L: Lovable and loving. lol.
    M: Meandering.
    N: Night-owl.
    O: Open. Most of the time.
    P: Pretty. Oh, now that just sounds self-absorbed.
    Q: Quick. LOL
    R: Restless.
    S: Stupid. On occasion. LOL
    T: Trusting and talkative.
    U: USEFUL??? XD
    V: Vampire-lover.
    W: Willing. Seriously.
    X: Xylophone. This makes no sense, but it's the best I could do.
    Y: Yesterday.
    Z: Zoë. (It means life in Greek. Surely you can figure that one out for yourself.)
  • Ambiguous, androgynouis, aggravating
    Bone-headed, blunt, bashful
    Convincing, catty, coy, cautious, calm
    Deliberate, dogged, deadpan, dry
    Exuberant, educated, eloquent, excitable, entertaining
    Faithful, fanatical, fabulous
    Gregarious, generous, genial, growing
    Hardened, harried, hurried, ehavy, honest
    Imaginative, individual, innovative, intimidating, insomniac
    Jumpy, joking
    Klutzy, kind
    Lewd, loyal, logical, loving
    Mouthy, modest, maddening, mindful
    Notorious, nonstop, nostalgic, natural
    Observant, open minded, obstinant
    Pale, pensive, playful, protective
    Quick, quirky, queer
    Realistic, reclusive
    Sleepless, stable, sarcastic
    Trustworthy, thoroush, tempered
    Utalitarian, unwavering
    Vivid, vivacious
    Wry, whimsical, writer
    Zany, zealous
  • Animals or Adam and the Ants or Albino Boys or Beatles or Bare Feet Comedy or Crazy or Colours Drawing or Dogs Eddie Izzard (I turned into him once. It was weird. You couldn't tell who was talking, me, Eddie Izzard or James Mason) or Emo Free or Friends or Fighting Glasses Hair or Hobbit Ice Jokes Kayleigh Laura or Lion King or Lord of the Rings Music or Magic Nuts (Completly) or Narnia Out of the Norm Pretend Queen Run Scars Thomas or Travel Unified Vampires or Vegetarian Wolves Xylophone You Tube Zany
  • Adorable Bothersome Creeper (for life) Damaged Efficient Fit Gorgeous Humorous Illustrious Joyous Kindhearted Loving Meek Needy Over-sensitive Plucky Quirky Rambunctious Sarcastic Tacit Upbeat Voracious Witty X-rated (hahaha, that's the only adjective it had for x on the website I looked up!) Youthful Zany
  • A. Annoying B. Bethy C. Creative D. Dopey E. Eavesdropper F. Funny G. Geeky H. Hopeless (Romantic) I. Idiot J. Jared Leto K. Kind L. Love M. Mentalist N. Numpty O. Oggler P. Peaceful Q. Quiet R. Rainbows S. Seventeen T. Thirty Seconds to Mars U. Understanding V. Vertically (Challenged) W. Eeirdo X. Xzylophones (I like them?) Y. Yo! Z. Zoo (I love animals :D)
  • Make a list of words, using each letter of the alphabet, that describe you. Artsy, Bibliomaniac, Consistent, Ditsy, Edgy, Fun, Grumpy, Hardworking, Intelligent, Jealous, Keen, Lazy, Morphean*, Non-stop, Omnipotent (:D), Procrastinator, Quite, Romantic, Solitary, Tantalising, Understated, Vibrant, Witty, Xanthic*, Youthful, Zuper! *Thankyou, Ovid and Piers Anthony for my non-existent words!
  • A: Admired (Miranda is allegedly originally intended to be an anagram for "admira" or "admire" when Shakespeare used it for the first time)

    B: Bull-Headed (I am NOTHING if not a stubborn little pixie)

    C: Creative(I'm not artsy or crafty, but I can PR like NO ONE else.)

    D: Devilish (I am the sexy bitch in red on SO many shoulders...)

    E: EXCITED! (I amp up like a damn rock concert when you get me going)

    F: Faithful (My Chinese Zodiac sign is the dog and I am, as they say I should be, fiercely loyal to those I love)

    G: Geeky (I spent lunch today discussing the merits of a Dark Force Wookie)

    H: Hydrophobic (Water is my nemesis)

    I: Intense (you really gotta wanna before you can handle me.)

    J:  Juvenile (it's the one type of Law I might practice and it's the attitude I carry day to day)

    K: Kooky (like a Kookaburra! I am one unique chica!)

    L: LOUD! (there is no lower setting on my volume)

    M: MIRANDA! (what can I say, I yam what I yam.)

    N: Needy (I just can't make it on my own)

    O: Opinionated (and I wont refrain from telling you EXACTLY what they are)

    P: Persnickety (I like shit the way I like it and I wont settle for less!)

    Q: Quixotic (yes, I thrust at Windmills)

    R: Random (yes, in fact, I DO randomly break into song...)

    S: Self-Loathing (I sometimes get a little Jeanine Garafalo on myself)

    T: Tactile (I LOVE touching things... and not in a dirty way, in an experiential way!)

    U: Uplifting (I've been known to say some nice stuff to some nice people)

    V: Vivacious (I know how to live it up!)

    W: Wonder-full (note the hyphen and second "L". I mean I'm full of Wonder and curiosity)

    X: X-Box Owner (I has a 360, bitches!)

    Y:Youthful (I still love my childhood favorites as much today as I did then, especially Disneyland!)

    Z: Zesty! (I say it, I live it, I crave it!)

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