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As the holiday season draws to a close, you might be feeling a little strapped for cash. Would you ever consider selling one of your organs (bodily organs, that is) if you really needed the money?

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  • The Liver is the only human organ that can regenerate itself completely.  You can literally cut your liver in two and each half is suffecient to perform the job of the organ for a limited time.  The good news is that after 3 months each half is 75% of max size and after 9 months virtually completely restored.  So not only would I be willing to sell (half) my liver to someone in need, i think it should be a government sponsored program.  It'll put you in recovery for a month so I say a $10,000 to $20,000 tax exempt payment to the donor would be fair compensation.  Toss in the donor gets an honorary Medicaid card for a 2-5 years for reasons of merits and not only is it fair but actually a bargain.  Of course donors would have to be disease free, etc.  Ya know they have to be donating a viable organ.  With this type of plan in effect it would also pretty much eliminate the waiting list for patients who need to recieve a liver but dont have a match available.  I would NOT approve of MONETARY compensation any higher than the value range I listed as donating an organ really should be a volunteer thing and the range I gave would just be enough to cover hardships and inconvienences due to recovery.  Id also make sure that once someone donated they were blacklisted from donating again for a 2-3 year period to reduce the risk of complications.

  • Haha hell yeah. if it was enough money. Except I might not be able to be buried with my family, because in the jewish religion you are supposed to be buried with no piercings, tattoos, all your organs etc. however it IS saving someones life. so there's too ways to look at it. selfish for wanting money. or honorable for saving a life.
  • HELL YEAH!!!

    But I'm afraid of surgery, so you'd have a hard time collecting. Better make sure you clearly stipulate that the organ is to be *removed* from its location and not just *sold*. :D
  • No....
  • No.
  • Absolutely not! I am however ready to pimp myself out for some money! lol
  • hell yeah! you save someone's life and get a pot of gold. however... gotta make sure you don't die in the process which is a possibility... still. YES
  • No, but I would pay money for an organ if I needed it... Perhaps on a payment plan so I could afford to live... REPPOOOOO!!!!!
  • Nope never.. Keeping my organs means more than money. If it was for my son, then yes I would donate my organ to him.
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