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Beyond Our Ken

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, you've probably experienced something that you couldn't explain. What was it?

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  • The great paranormal paradoxes of the Kingdom of Heaven exceed understanding...

    "A real Christian is an odd number. He feels supreme love for the One Whom he has never seen; talks familiarly every day to Someone he cannot see; expects to go to Heaven on the virtue of Another; empties himself in order to be full; admits he is wrong so he can be declared right; goes down in order to get up; is strongest when he is weakest; richest when he is poorest and happiest when he feels the worst. He dies so he can live; forsakes in order to have; gives away so he can keep; sees the invisible; hears the inaudible’ and knows that which passeth understanding." -  A.W.Tozer 
  • I had wrote this down in 's journal, but I guess it's interesting enough to post it here as well. I'm not really 'sensitive' to spiritual energy, but I can tell you this, and can back me up on this because she was also there with me. Several years ago, my friend Amber and I decided to take a walk at the cemetery, (we were a fan of getting creeped out I guess.) Now, to get there, her and I took the back route through an old abandoned playground. Before even getting to the playground, there is this circular walkway on top of the hill and when we got up there, there was a horse drawn carriage circling the walkway. It wouldn't have been weird if it wasn't 2 in the morning. But what really creeped us out was that the carriage was antique looking, old century.. and the horse was apparently pulling no one. We stood there, talking about it, asking each other what the hell we were seeing, and it came back around again and then it kinda 'saw' us I guess and started to gallop towards us followed by children laughing/screaming. We have never ran faster in our lives. Lol. And well, we never really made it to the cemetery. LOL. Fuck that. And another one. This is at my home in New York (where I will be living for a month) I believed my old room to be haunted. You know, you'd get those feelings of being watched and the feeling is always negative and sad. I had walked into my room a handful of times, and just started sobbing because of the overwhelming sadness that I would suddenly feel. It didn't get bad until about a couple months later where the mirror on my wall would start shaking followed by little hand prints on top of the mirror. That freaked me out and I started sleeping with the lights on. No one believed me until decided to sleep in my bed (i would not sleep in there until i absolutely had to) It wasn't long until she was up and out of there. Said that she heard scratching and knockings on the walls where I had my bed. Like it was coming from right near her head. Now, for some stupid ass reason, we played with a ouji board in my room. just.. that was a huge mistake. and the night before I had left to move in with Brad, I had a freaky nightmare. I was in my room, lying on my bed looking up at the ceiling. On the ceiling was a penciled in picture of a scary looking woman with long black flowy hair. She suddenly came to life, and her voice inside my head 'im gonna get you. im gonna get you. and then i willed myself to wake up before she got to me. oh my god. i was just glad that i was leaving that morning. I had told my mom about it and what she said really messed me up. She said that she was lying in bed and had woken up in the middle of the night. She swears that she wasn't sleeping. She said that she saw a woman there, standing over her, her dark hair covering her face and she had a long white nightgown on. She said the woman had a knife in her hand and proceeded to 'stab' her in the stomach with it. and then she was gone. That house is fucked up. :S
  • жила-была сущность на одной мной снимаемой квартире. если на кухне, где она и обитала был бардак, то всем было, мягко говоря, хреново. я это дело знала и быстренько через не хочу исправляла ситуацию. ее видели все, кроме меня. и только со мной она общалась непосредственно. еще летающая тарелка была. сильное впечатление. жизнь мгновенно преображается и ты становишься абсолютно счастливым человеком без любопытства поглядеть этих товарищей поближе. кстати, если вам интересно то неведомое, что вам открывается, то рассказать об этом - верный ход прекратить эти самые вам показывания. неведомое это не любит. низших сущностей это не касается. еще была парочка привидений в городе Феодосия. и одно чудесное явление, прекрасное и на удивление информативное. о нем я не расскажу. если б каждому оно показалось, то были бы на земле мир и полное взаимопонимание.
  • Well..some time ago (think it was in 3rd grade or sth) I dreamed of the birtday of one of my friends.
    We would walk along a lake and just search for a little hidden present, then we'd go to a restaurant and play on the meadow in front of it. In the dream I got myself hurt on a splinter of wood.
    Three days later was the birthday of that friend of mine. All (exept of the splinter, I tried to avoid it, but it still hurt..why ever..) appeard to happen just like in my dream...
    I had some more of that dreams, but today they stopped (even if they're practically sometimes ;) )
  • yes in high school. was house sitting for my father when I saw my great-grandfather sitting on the couch across the room,  I still smell my grandmothers ciggeretts when I am feeling down and need to know someone is watching over me.
  • I believe that there is something that there is life after death and that we have guardian angels...these are people who were very close to you before they past and are still watching over you.

    the day of my mother's funeral my sisters and I and two friends were in one of the upstairs bedrooms of my grandmother's home(my mom's childhood home...and the door at the end of the closed in staircase opened and we all heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I was standing in the doorway of the room and took one step back onto the landing at the top of the stairs and there wasn't anyone there.... but the footsteps continued all the way up the stairs and we smelled my mother's cologne...

    That is only one of many times I've felt my mom's presence around me, smelled her cologne..etc

  • For pretty much all my life I've been interested in the paranormal.  When I was younger I wanted to be a paranormal psychologist.  Of course my church friends chided me, asking me why I wanted to do something like that.  I didn't really have an answer and I never mentioned it to them again.  Several years later when I was in middle school I had my first of several experiences.  One of my friends called me after school and we were on the phone for a while.  I remember the way I was laying on my bed when I was talking to her and I remember afterward playing with my phone, which was really awesome and much like the modern slider cell phones.  She told me about the younger sister of one of our friends who had been beat up at school.  The girl had been at her locker on the back hallway and a couple guys beat her up with a pipe.  She told me the girl was okay but was pretty bruised.  The next week I went to a soccer game with my friend and when we went to the concession stand she started telling me about our friend's sister.  I stopped her and told her she'd already told me.  She didn't believe me so I finished the story for her.  I had all the details right but she told me she couldn't have called me the previous week because it had all just happened the previous day.

    Sometimes at night in my room I used to hear what sounded like someone walking around the edge of my bed.  It wasn't the sound of footsteps it was more like the sound of clothing rubbing together as someone walked.  I tried to rationalize it all in my head but I couldn't get over the fact that I only heard the noise at night.  It really creeped me out and of course my imagination would get going and I would picture a woman in old fashioned dress walking around my room, which was completely ridiculous because my house was only built in 1986 and before that it was a corn field.  One day I finally heard the noise during the day.  I clearly couldn't see anyone else in my room so I was determined to find what was causing the noise.  I finally figured out that it was a small vinyl flag that would rub against my window blinds when the heat came out of my baseboard unit.  Probably about a year or so later I was babysitting at one of the old houses in my town.  The town dates back to the 1700's and the large town cemetary has been in continuous use since then.  The house I was babysitting at was located on the street where the cemetary is located.  I put the child to bed and turned on his whale meditation music then went to watch television until his parents came home.  Some time after dark I was laying on the couch in the play room and I heard the sound of walking out in the hallway.  It was just like before in my own home where it was the sound of clothing, like skirts rubbing together, and not footsteps.  I'd learned from before and knew if I tried I could figure out the source.  I turned on the lights and went to check on the kid.  He was sound asleep and his whale music was over.  I checked the hallway and the front room but the family had just recently moved in so there weren't any decorations or furniture in either location to make noise.  Thinking I had just been hearing things, I went back to the play room and the television.  Not long after I had turned off the lights I heard the noise again and again I went looking for the source but I never found anything that could be rubbing together to sound like someone walking.

    When I was a freshman in college my two best friends from high school were still at home, which was only a half hour away.  One day I had a particularly bad day at school and I was in a horrible mood when I went home.  I couldn't remember ever having a day so bad but it wasn't so much what happened at school but that I was in an incredibly bad mood that I couldn't explain.  I didn't want to talk or even see anyone when I got home.  I went out to my backyard and laid on the trampoline for a while.  When I went back inside I felt better and sat down at my computer to do some homework.  The sister of one of my best friends had left me a message on IM that my friend was dead.  She had killed herself.  I thought she was playing some cruel joke on me but it turned out she wasn't.  My friend, her sister, actually was dead.

    To end on a more positive note, my great-grandfather and I were pretty close before he died.  He served in WWII and he used to show me his scrapbook and tell me his coast guard stories.  He was diagnosed with Alzheimers before he died but I was one of the only people he never seemed to forget.  He used to smoke a pipe, never cigarettes or cigars, always a pipe.  Sometimes I can smell his distinctive pipe-smoke and I'll look around for the smoker but there's never anyone around.
  • omg. i went to this cemetary .. guntown cemetary to be specific. at about 3am. we were just there to get creeped out. it's said that you can hear ragtime music late at night against the back rock wall because they used to play it there every night to 'soothe their souls' as it was a childrens cemetary & then they started burrying older people there too. well we walked by one of the biggest tombstones on our way to get to the back wall. it was guarded by 4 posts .. and i was atleast 2 feet away from it .. and one of the posts randomly fell over. it was pretty freaky .. but then .. okay maybe it was old. then we continued and i saw a really old looking stone so i bent down and shined the light from my phone on it to read it. i read as much as i could and walked away. when we were standing by the back wall we heard a loud noise and got the chills. we went to go see what it was but before we knew it the same gravestone that i was bent down reading .. was leaning against the large tombstone - where one of the posts had fallen. coincidence? by now we were ALL creeeeeped. then we heard a train in the distance .. like the old TOOT TOOT. but number one - trains don't sound like that anymore. number two .. trains don't run at 3am. and number 3 .. trains don't even run in the town we were in. they haven't in YEARSSSS.

    it was so fucking scary hahaha

  • A couple of years ago there was this old rundown house that was back in the woods behind my house and it was spooky. Well one night I was riding my fourwheeler back there and when I stopped I thought that I heard someone screaming so I left frightened of what it might be. Then a few days later me and my cousin were back there and we heard the screaming again and this time we went to check it out. At first when we got over there I did not see anything or hear anything but then the screaming happend again but this time it came from behind us. When we turned around we nearly jumped out of our skin because we to this day think that we saw something running away threw the woods. A few months later a storm came threw and knocked a tree into the old house and we never heard the screaming again.

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