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Writer's Block

Better to Receive

Sometimes it's the thought that counts, and other times it's the thing itself. What's the best gift you've ever received, thoughtful or otherwise?

Answers (211)

  • The very best gift that I ever got was my boyfriend, Sean Keffer. He was a late birthday present last year. I’d just come to move to Deer Path in January, 2016. He had been watching me, probably since my first visit in December of 2015, not too long before Christmas. Little did either of us both know that our chance meeting from afar could end up leading to us currently being together. Personally, I had absolutely no idea that he’d be the gift I’d be opening day in and day out. Just being with Sean is enough for me. He doesn’t have to do anything to show how much he loves me—nothing special, I mean. Just being with him is enough for me to fully understand that I am most definitely loved unconditionally. We spend each part of every day together, and it’s fun being in his arms—in the safety of his heart, where I know no one and nothing could ever hurt me. When Sean’s not around, the best gift is knowing that there’s always going to be someone who will look out for me. If, for whatever reason Sean’s not around, I’m always taken care of by our other friends throughout the community. I feel so loved. The best birthday gift this year would most definitely be to be on the wii bowling team. The ultimate present would be to come back with a trophy after accomplishing our run to state, defeating the opponents we may end up facing down in Springfield. Now, it’s time to kick practicing into high gear, dreaming of the ultimate birthday present.
  • Blue Kitty, my dog Mozart, or going to Israel.
  • it is hard to say...but I will pick the bouquet of roses I got when I turned 16 years old....
  • A few years ago, Rob went out with Pat for a walk and came back with a rose for me. I still have it. I think those kinds of gifts are the best ones. I dont care about materialistic stuff. I'd rather get hand made stuff or even a thought out written letter.
  • My lovely flower hat from the Hatter! Sadly it died - flowers don't last forever you know, especially after they've been cut from the root.
    Still, I have to say that was the best gift I've ever recieved ... so far. ;P

    ~<3 Her Majesty, the Queen

  • this writers block is weird.

    i never had anybody celebrate my birthday with me in proper, until last year, when i actually received a small cake from my classmates. kept the candle ever since. till the end of my life.
  • My DS from the bf ^_____________^

  • This was a writer's block question from before Christmas, but I was bored & decided to answer it because I didn't like todays :)

    Anyways...the best present ever is definitely every year that my dad gets us Packers vs. Lions tickets & we venture down to Detroit & watch them play. As you all know (or hopefully do!) I am GREEN BAY PACKER OBSESSED. And...I'm Brett Favre's #1 Fan!! So yeah, it's always a good time. Not only because I get to watch my team play, but I also get to spend a day with my Dad. He's my best friend, I love him :)

    Then my favorite "homemade" gift which I will love forever&ever&ever is a Packers bear that my best friend made me. She bought a green bear, sewed a cute packers scarf on it and then wrote "Favre 4" on his paw. It's sooooooo cute, I sleep with it every night, hehe.

    Anyways ---> I'm spending some time with the BFFs tonight :) Mall & Dinner.
    My mom is SO sick :( She has the nasty flu I had a week or so ago.
    I guess it's going around her office, I feel so bad. I hope she feels better soon.
    And for all of you ---> Hope you have a great day!
  • It wasn't a Christmas gift. It was a birthday gift. My friend Tony drew my tattoo for me. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but I'll explain why it was.

    My grandfather (aka Pa) and I were extremely close. I was born the day before his birthday and we celebrated together every year. Every time people sang happy birthday to us, he'd do something silly (like pretend to conduct or to play an instrument or something...) and I'd laugh. He was always making jokes too... he could brighten up anyone's day. I went to visit him at least twice a week. I couldn't have possible cared for anyone more than I cared for him. I loved him, looked up to him, and was grateful to have such a unique and wonderful man in my presence. He made me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry. He gave awesome advice. He cared about his family and showed all 50ish of his relatives equal love. He and Nana raised 11 children and brought them up right. I'll stop now, because I'm sure you get the point. He was a very admirable man and I was very attached to him.

    He died when I was 16. I didn't even want to think about my brithday when I turned 17. It was too depressing. I ended up going out with my Mom, aunts, and one of my cousin. We had fun, but I refused to acknowledge that it was my birthday. I couldn't handle a cake. I didn't want to be sang to unless Pa was next to me being silly. I didn't want to blow my candles out alone. Before my 18th birthday, I decided that instead of not doing anything birthday-related, I would incorporate Pa's memory into whatever I did. I knew I wanted to get a tattoo for him, but I wasn't exactly sure what to get. Tony's a really good artist, and he drew one for me. The instant I saw it I knew that would be what I got. It was a heart with Pa's initials in it. On the outside, it said "forever loved." And there was a birthday candle sticking out of the heart. It was perfect. A group of friends came with me to get the tattoo. That was almost a year ago now, and I still look at my tattoo every day and love it. So, thank you Tony. It meant the world to me.

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