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A Bargain at Any Price

No matter what their budget is, everyone loves a bargain. What item or object do you love the most that cost you the least?

Answers (229)

  • i got a whole bunch of these wrist guards (for like skateboarding, rollerblading, etc.) for a PENNY each. i would give them out to people that skateboarded and stuff and be like here i was looking out for you, i thought you could use these. hahahahaha but it was like 50 cents. we bought the whole store out of them. hmmm i'm also a really big fan of the dollar store. like they have some REALLY nice dollar stores and it's so awesome because everythings only a dollar. i especially love the ones in chinatown where you can get all of those neat knick knacks.

    oh and once. my mom went to florida when my brother and i were reallyyy little and she brought back my brother this cool book thing with all of these activities. and the whole time she was there she was trying to find the perfect thing to get me beause i was still really little. finally , as a last minute cheap gift she stopped in the airport store and got me this little stuffed cat. it turned out to be one of my favorite things ever that i slept with every night. i unfortunately can't sleep with it in my hand anymore because i let go of it .. then my dog gets at it. but i still have it on a shelf next to my bed. and its such a good comfort item. i named it blue kitty. it was the besttttttttt and it was so cheap .

  • too many to name....but mostly my books
  • ok this is gonna sound rele stupid but whatever. its not an item or object, but the thing i love the most that costs the least is love. you can never have enough.
  • As silly as it sounds, my item is a black dress. At the time we were strapped for cash and were just walking through an upscale department store to get to an exit closer to our car. My husband had to go to the "gents" so I wandered around the pricey suits and dresses. I found one puny rack off in an obscure corner of the department marked in small, embarassed letters "sale". I tip toed over and furtively flipped through the selection. Most of the "sale" items were still w-a-y above my price range but I was curious. I was almost through the section that held my size when I saw a relatively plain black dress. It was marked down from $125 to $12. I thought this was a mistake so I took it and went in search of a sales person.

    She took one look at me and then looked down her nose at the dress and said that was indeed the price. Then seeing that there was no appreciable commission in a $12 sale promptly excused herself and found someone else who would be more lucrative.

    I showed my husband when he found me. He immediately said that it must be mismarked and was surprised when I told him what I had found out.

    I tried on the dress and it was as if it was made just for me! It is a lined, just-above-the-knee black dress with short sleeves,  a square neck and princess stitching. It is the one and only designer dress I have ever had--or ever will have. I have worn it for almost 10 years for everything from formal dinners to graduations to formal weddings to funerals and it always looks beautiful!
  • My computer that I bought from a surplus sale that my school had. It has a 80 Gig Hard Drive, 4 USB ports, a DVD-ROM drive, a fairly good graphics card, 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 processor, and 1 GB of RAM. All this for about $105.00. I also got a free and legal copy of Windows XP through my school that I am currently using on it.

    -Izzy Blacktail
  • пожалуй самая самая моя любимая вещь купленная дешево это мои любимые духи d&g light blue .. я люблю делать себе подарки и практически на каждый праздник это новый парфюм.. на этот раз 200мл обошлись мне в 30 долларов.. примерно(это с учётом того что сейчас доллар вырос почти вдвое)
  • My dog, Abby... I found her at around Christmas time and she was cold outside, so I took her in. She's not an object, but I love her, and she didn't cost me a penny.
  • This seems like a rather odd entry for me to answer. Half my clothes are from bargain places. My favorite place benefits a charity. What a better way to rationalize materialistic compulsions? Right now? A red coat. Exciting entry. Woohoo. Thought provoking.
  • I was shopping in one of my favorite clothing stores one day and I went to check out the clearance rack.  I saw a lone tweed jacket that was perfect with jeans.  The retail price was over $100 and the tag showed a sale price of $39.95.  I got to the checkout and that day there was an additional  sale on everything in the store!  I got the jacket for $6.95!  I love that jacket!
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