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Writer's Block

Use Your Power

Our holiday gift to you: the question submitted most often to Writer's Block—if you could have a superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?

Answers (246)

  • I would bundle up LOVE and hide it in the body of a baby...

    Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. -Hamilton Wright Mabie
  • First I dont want to choose some Comic or Movie created power that everyone is already familiar with.  Instead what I want is the ability that anyone close to me that I choose, will immediately start recovering/regenerating from -ANY- injury or illness they may have.  Think of it as activating a latent regeneration ability in the person I selected and sending their immune system into GodMode.  Id like this to extend to MYSELF when not applying it to someone else but thats not a requirement, oh and it couldnt require direct physical contact either.

    Imagine having a job as a nurses assistant in a hospital.  You go in for your shift every day, and people in Intensive Care just start getting better after the doctor has informed the families to start making funeral arrangements.  Imagine your friend or spouse getting in a major car accident suffering severe brain damage and the diagnosis given was that they would be a vegetable for however long the rest of their life may be.  Imagine that you can visit them every day, bringing your book or laptop with you, reading to them while they lay in a coma, watching the nurses faces as they take their hourly vitals as they look at you with pity supposedly 'knowing' you are wasting your time, while in fact you know that in just a few more weeks everything will have had time to fix itself just because you were there.

    Of course with this type of power you could monetize it, make it known you are a healer of all things and tell people that you have the gift to restore lost sight or limbs, and purge any disease from someone inflicted.  But if i had the ability id keep it secret as long as possible doing what I can where I thought it would do the most good, and where I thought it was most deserved.

  • Oh oh oh!  I love this question!  Okay, my power would be that of super speed.  For those that are reading this and don’t know me very well, I love the Flash.  Love the Flash!  He’s so awesome, the Scarlet Speedster.  So very awesome.

    Well, I’d get a hell of a lot more done.  Like light hangs, and hand sewing, and getting across campus, and eating, and not needing a fucking car.  Oh, yes, I’d love super speed! 

    And you know, this isn’t helping with my writer’s block at all.  just catching up on all those wondrous “I will post every day” posts that I never did…

    >,> ;<>

  • Honestly, I would like to be a combination of Dr. Doolittle and Aquaman. In other words, I want to talk to animals, bugs, fish, birds, etc etc. How would I use it....I would finally get answers to some of my questions of why animals do the particular things they do. Other wise I would probably just help vets with diagnosis or some other form of support for wildlife officials or something. Oh and I want Wonder Woman's body, but then again what women doesn't want that, lmao?!
  • Oh yeah. Superpower? Difficult to pick just one, but I think I've thought this out a bit. The power to bend shadow. Anywhere there's light,there is shadow. If you could make the shadows tangible and solid, or alive, you could have the power to create anything, do anything. Think about it. You could use it to do nearly anything.

    Okay, the first thing I would do would be to bend shadow into a pair of living wings. And attach them to my body. That would be pretty sweet. Then I would fly around and cause mayhem :D Superhero? Me?! Nah. I'd rather be the villain. They're much cooler!

    And then I would create my own army of shadows. That would be totally badass. And then I'd make a bunch of weapons and armor and stuff. The power would really only be limited by my imagination, and I've no shortage of that. <3

  • If I could have any superpower id like the power to Mind read. I would use it to be able to find out what people realy feal about things.
  • I'd want Telekinesis! Just think about it! You could do chores easier, have an extreme upper hand in dodgeball, give an entirely new meaning to spitballs...

    I'd probably use it for entertainment purposes. But if I could have a second and third power, I'd want the power to read minds and mind control!

    It would be fun having a mindless squirrel army. Or maybe get my dog to act like Repede...

    On a side note, It's getting way to damn foggy in Brookings, I told my friend to look at the telephone poles tomorrow, luckily, Brookings may be the new Inaba.
  • Okay, I'm not sure how many people watch Heros, but you know the copycat girl?  The one that sees something being done, and can automatically do it?  Yeah, I'd want to be her.  I mean, how cool would that be?!  You could watch someone play a piano piece or perform hardcore karate, and do it in two seconds flat.  I would pretty much watch or listen to as many showtunes songs as possible, nail them, and land parts in no time.  Or maybe use my ability to save the world, blah blah blah....yeah, the first one's sounding more attractive.

  • If I could have a super power, it would be mind-reading. I fully understand how creepy that would really be. I would just keep it too myself and use it mainly for self improvement- knowing what people think of you would be super useful in all kinds of situations.
    If I couldn't mind read, then I would like invisibility or the ability to talk to animals....

  • Mind Reading defff.

    Then I wouldn't have to be like..
    DaSammichKay: What's up? 
    I would just know. OO. =DD
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