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Misdirected Mail

Have you ever replied to or cc'ed someone on an email that was definitely not intended for their eyes? Or received one that was about you but wasn't meant for you to read? What was the email about and how did you react?

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  • I saw a friends presentation on Internet once when we were teenagers and she described me in a very mean way. Afterwards she explained it wasn't meant the way I thought but I didn't really believe her. It was too obvious. 

  • Actually i recieved one, and it was a text that wasn't susposed to go to me.... once the guy that sent it to me realized that it went to the wrong person, he begged me not to hate him! basically he had asked me if i would let him take off my pants and go down on me..... it was very odd, cuz i had just met this guy. unfortuniately we ended up doing it a couple of days later..... as if that wasn't odd enough, to this day  he still asks me if we could do it again........ which would never happen, cuz we were drunk, and i would say i regret what happened that day......
  • My brothers and sisters tagged me in a Facebook note about what they should get me for Christmas. Lulz.
  • This isn’t the same thing, but it is close. A few years back, I was emailing one of my best friends (Sean) about finally being able to admit to myself and others of my bisexuality. I was using a yahoo email account. My mom also has a yahoo account. She keeps the settings on “keep me logged it,” which is really fucking annoying since I have to log her out every single time I want to log in! Anyway, Sean had emailed me back asking how I was doing with it and I had forgotten to log myself out. She read the email. Later that night, she asked me why he though I was bisexual. I said “because, mom, I am.” She said “oh.” I tried to bring it up again a few months later. She just shook her head and changed to subject. It was clear at that point that there was no way she could accept it so I learned then what I could and couldn’t tell my mom. It kind of sucks because prior to that, I thought I could talk to her about any thing. I guess not.

  • Yes, well kind of...it was more of a post. All I remember was being pissed off, upset, sad, etc. At that time it was a really bad time but that was years ago.
  • Omg. This actually recently happened to me!!

    Okay so here's the thing. I have gotten friendlier with my manager at work because he is dating my neighbor. I know that outside of work he's really laid back and into the same humor as me.

    So i get this funny email, totally pornographic and innappropriate and really funny!! I forward it to a couple friends in the office that i knew would also appreciate it,  and the manager as well. what a stupid thing i did!!! omg i was so dumb? the thing is, nobody was offended by it, but since i sent it to the manager, and his name was on it, AND i also sent it to someone that doesnt get along with him, and he was paranoid that she was going to use it against him,so...  he HAD to say something at work, which i completely understand. i was such an idiot for sending that to his work email. he just called the people who i sent it to into his office and he explained to them that he talked to me about its inappropriateness.

    but anyway, its chill, we're friends so it wasnt a big deal, it was basically strictly business with the whole situation. i just feel so dumb. it was a really funny email though.

  • The other way around, usually around IMs.
    The most usual case (usual, it happens quite alot) is somebody says something ridiculous, or embarrasing and then I copy the ridiculous or embarrasing part of the conversation and copy paste it  to a friend and in the end i add something like "what an idiot" and everything is fine then....but then i usually find another link (let's say youtube) and then i want to give it to them and then i paste the convo of me making fun of them and click enter.

    and they're like 0.o
    and i just say

    "my mouse copies everything it clicks =[
     t clicks =["

  • Well it's not really email, but texts. Happens more than once. I was makin a gift for someone and didnt knw if i should frame the drawing. So i texted my cousin, but by accident i texted the person the gift was for. "Should I frame it?" I said. Oh well, they still didn't know enough to guess it. Another was when I was in an argument with my firend. He texted his friend, all angry with many many words. Apparently I was teh one who received the texts. Wasn't what I really wanted. Understanding what he was going through, I fowarded teh texts to his friend, and I told my friend to be careful who he is texting next time. So that is my story. =P I felt really bad and I cried, but that's me I guess. Oh well, the past is the past.

  • Teenage girls are bitches.
    But hey, who didn't already know that?

  • I cc'd my uncle a really neat/funny blog. My conservative, tiny town living uncle. With two kids. http://www.improvresourcecenter.com/mb/tpcs1.php True Porn Clerk stories. Funny, but ooooh so not appropriate.
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