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Writer's Block

Giving Thanks

What are 10 things you are thankful for?

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  • 1) за то, что я не мужыг 2) за то, что мама+папа 3) Алёнка 4) за Любаху, Альку, Окси, Lin, Анну, Лизу, Карину, Yarden и Shelly. 5) за Coldplay, Jim Morrison и Beatles 6) за то, что _ _ _ _ был моим лучшим другом когда-то давно и не правда. 7) за то, что не мёрзнут ноги :) 8) нинаю 9) 10)
  • Thankful for my husband, my daughter and my home. Thank full for my nieces and nephews, for my family, my life, and my friends, my work and future work and that I can pay my bills, and travel and write.
  • life love smoke drink friends with friends and people to meet dying dirty sidewalks and bright shimmer sea thankful for you thankful for me
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  • 1) My family, they aren't perfect. We fight. I feel like an only child because my brother hates to spend time with us. But I have them, they aren't ill or dead and for that I am very very thankful. 2) My happiness. Sometimes I don't show it or I complain to hell but I have a pretty sweet life all things considered. It started out a bit shit but my mum's worked really hard to get a good job and move us away from the council estate we both spent a lot of our youth trapped on. She isn't lonely any more and I don't feel as poor and hard done by as I used too. I'm also off to 6th form, not a lot of people have the opportunities I do but I feel like I deserve them as well. This may seem selfish but I am still very thankful that I live in a country that allows me to spread my wings and be happy free from major oppression. 3) The NHS and health care in general. It's very vain but even after only about 2 months I feel so much better with contact lens'. I am a whole new person! And it's all thanks to medicine and advances in superficial plastic cups for eyes. Que the cheesy music! 4) My house. It feel right to live here. I have a bigger room and even though it's ages from my school I still love it and I love that I can live here like a proper family. It feels like a new start. 5) The fact I am not stupidly fat. Superficial again and very daft but it's true. 6) The internet. I have met some truly special people because of it. Some good friends that recently I lost and I miss them a lot. It's a great place to have a laugh and a chat. But it will break your heart as well. Brilliant for everything it is the ultimate product. Everyone needs it. 7) Electricity. For heating and for plugs etc. I would fade away into nothing without a micowave and a television and other commodities. 8) My job. The pay is good but the hours are low so I only get about £15 a week. Which for 3 hours work isn't bad but I could be doing with some more hours. Regardless I am thankful that I even have a job. 9) My pets. Again I take a lot of time out of my week to complain about them but they are always there. Selfishly wanting to be fed and tickled every ten minutes but they still try to comfort you when you are sad and miss you when you're gone. They are like my sisters and I love them! 10) Lastly I am thankful for being born when I was. There are so many other eras and centuries and decades that could have been tainted with my presence. But I feel like I was born right on the cusp of something brilliant. There has been war and sadness and ailments and all sorts of terrible things in the short 16 years I have been alive. But I have not had to witness personal suffering within my own country as those born for the 30's had to. I haven't had to evacuate, nor have I been tried for witchcraft. I have merely witnessed break throughs in technology. iPods, cameras and the internet tucked neatly into mobile phones, robots and not forgetting Kinder Bueno's. I've seen films when they have just come out. Like The Dark Knight, which I am sure will soon be a classic talked about and studied in Media classes across the country, and not forgetting Harry Potter! So they are the ten things I am most thankful for.
  • 1. первая, 2. вторая, 3. третья, 4. четвертая, 5. пятая, 6. шестая, 7. седьмая, 8. восьмая, 9. девятая, 10. хорошо что их не семьдесят четыре.
  • 1.My Mum - she is a good friend and I talk to her nearly evry day. She loves me unconditionally and I know she likes who I am and is proud of me. 2. G - he loves me and cares for me even tho I'm a div sometimes. I love the fact that he respects me and doesn't force me into anything. He works with me and I am always happier when I am in his company. 3. Being able to read - It's amazing how many kids I teach that just can't do it to any decent standard. I love reading it's such an excellent escape and I think I'd go crazy without it. 4. Not being an only child - it is a blessing and a curse. A curse coz she is a bit loopy and I have to look after her, you also have that comparison crap and sibling rivelry. (There is a huge photo of her in our house and I swear not one of me until my graduation!) A blessing coz she sometimes looks after me, I know that actually she does love me and we deal with stuff as a team. 5. Having had John in my life - he taught me loads and I know people hate gypsies for whatever reason but he taught me loads about them and I loved that. He told so many stories and loved me SO much and although it hurts so bad that I have lost that it was better to have had it and lost it than to never have had it at all. He was ahuge influence on me and since I like the way I am coz he loved me that way I will forever be greatful for that. 6.Dad - things have been rough between us but he is a nice man at heart and taught me to be kind and expect kindness. And as we according to freud seek someonee like our father then he has set the bar high in some ways. He also stands up for the under dog and I get my love of animals from him. 7. Being born in the U.K - where I am free to do as I choose, vote, get and education. It may not always be the best but compared to some places we are SO lucky. Also somewhere like Norway where it is so dark would truly do my nut in. 8. Animals - They just make life better, pets, wildlife, birds and stuff withput them life would be rubbish. 9. My friends - especially Jules and Loni as they truly make me smile and we have the best times. 10. Having enough money - when I was young we had sweet F A and I am by no means loaded AT ALL but it's nice to be able to eat nice things and be warm and not worry that the electric has been cut off and there is no food in the house. Money cannot make you happy but the lack of it is truly miserable.

  • [one] I most thankful for my health.

    [two] The standard of living i have, because i know that i'm lucky that i don't live in poverty.

    [three] My friends, old and new, I don't know where i'd be without them. 

    [four] see, hear, touch, taste, smell.

    [five] Being good at certain things, Playing netball cuz i really enjoy playing it and I love having the joy from it. Err also sewing I really enjoy doing that, I don't care what other people think of my strange hobbie.

    [six] My best friends. The ones that really care, people I can truley trust and that can always help. They've really made this yeah pretty amazing already. I hope that there is loads more to come! :] 

    [seven] Craig, I am really thankful for him, because I have grown so much since being with him. I never been so close to anyone like what we have before. i am so thankful that I met you. I love you. x

    [eight] I am really thankful for my brothers, because they made growing up so much fun i would of hated to have been an only child, i've had so many good memories with them. i do love my brothers.

    [nine] having linient parents. 

    [ten] Learning from things I have done/ that other have done and mistakes that have been made.

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