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Under the Same Sign

Today is chockfull of celebrity birthdays—Brad Pitt, Keith Richards, Christina Aguilera, and more. What celebrities do you share your birthday with? Do you find any similarities between you and those who share your birthday?

Answers (213)

  • amelia airhart (sp?)
    i like to travel, i have blonde (-ish) hair, i have blue eyes, my neighbor's a pilot
  • February 20th -
    I have a birthday book, and the only two people I can remember from the list of people are Kurt Cobain and Sidney Poitier.

    I don't really care for Nirvana and I don't think I've seen anything Sidney oitier was in, but that doesn't mean I can say anything about them as people.

    Kurt Cobain... artist, self-destructive, introspective type with just enough leadership ability to Get Shit Together and Make Shit Happen within a reasonable framework? If so, that's like me.

    Sidney Poitier... fades into the background? XD ; If so, that's like me.

    I just looked it up. Rihanna? Seriously? I has a sad. ;_; I don't know anything about her personally, but her music makes me a sad fishie...

  • I share my B day with Beyoncé Knowls.
    I like her as a singer, and she looks like a rational, self determined and driven person which I can relate to up to a certain point.

  • James Blunt
    Dakota Fanning.


  • i share my dob with susan b anthony. i think youtube was launched on feb15. is that why i'm so hooked? =D
    galileo, hark tsui (which pleases me because he directed the "once upon a time in china" movies starring my favorite jet li), jenna morasca, olivia, seattle slew, janice dickinson, matt groening, jane seymour, melissa manchester, miep gies, cesar romero, gale sondergaard, louis renault, john barrymore, charles lewis tiffany

  • Kevin Smith our similarities- big boned!lol his movies are schweet!
  • I share my birthday with Adolf Hitler, Napoleon the Third, the Columbine shooting (not a person, but famous), Virginia Tech Remberance Day, and Marijuana Day.  I'm pretty positive I don't share anything with any of these people/events.  And don't worry, there's a lot of other bad stuff that happened on this day, too.  According to my friend, I'm the only thing good to happen that day.

  • I share the same Birthday with Mary J Blige and I think were totality two diffrent peeps... ^_^
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