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Quarantine Etiquette

The holiday season happens to overlap with cold and flu season (and not just the bottle flu). When you get sick, do you go to work or school anyway, or do you stay home to avoid spreading your germs?

Answers (235)

  • ha. If I can walk enough to get to class, I still go. I got the flu one year (an extremely bad case, lasted for about a month. nearly killed me. gah), and I had a 104 degree fever for five days yet I STILL went to my spanish class (I was doing duel studies, finishing my high school degree and taking college classes, and luckily the high school was on winter break). I did do my best not to breathe on anybody tho, so did I really spread that many germs? *crosses fingers* Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Especially when it comes to making the grade.
  • I spread that bitch. Misery loves company.

    Especially when you're a spiteful bitch like me.

  • It depends on how sick honestly. I would prefer to stay home to both avoid spreading my germs as well as to get better as quickly as possible. But frankly that's just not an option - I need money so I have to go to work. I try to be extra careful about going to work and there are circumstances where I will completely draw the line: I will not go to work no matter what if I am vomiting (but I will if the vomiting has stopped) and I will not go to work if I am running a fever. I try not to go to work when I know something I have is contagious; but if I'm just sick with something like a hangover (even if I'm really sick as long as I'm not still puking) or mono or something that it's difficult to catch I'll make an effort to go in.
  • I'm defeinetly a "go to work" person.  Sometimes I end up being a "we don't want you at work, go home now" person too. 
  •               I have to go to school anyways, or else I'll have to take exams. Last year exams meant, lioke 6 or more days and if you failed the exam you failed the class. this year they decided that was wrong. so now. its just 20 percent of the grade. but still its risky.
  • I always stay home from school. I rarely get sick.
  • My immunity must be crazy good. This I say due to the fact that I never get sick. Okay not 'never' but hardly ever. *knock on wood* Seriously in almost 14 years of schooling I have only missed one, maybe two days of school due to illness. No joke here. And this is not to say that I tough it out or anything. I really never get sick on school days for some reason. However, one of the two instances I recall missing school was in high school, I had a fever of 103 point something and my parents basically had to force me to stay at home. It was kind of pathetic really, I was so upset about messing up my attendance record that I was willing to go to school that day.

  • If people already have it at my work then ill go... but if not then it's normally better to stay home.
  • I have always tried to be considerate of my fellow co-workers, and if I know that I'm pretty sick, or contagious in any way, I have stayed home until I'm feeling better. But that policy comes to an abrupt halt on January 1st, 2009. My company has deemed it necessary to cut employee sick days from 12 days a year down to only 6 days, and we are no longer able to augment our unexpected days off of work with our vacation day banks. So, after the 6th one has been used, any unplanned time off is simply unpaid; even though you might have 4 weeks of vacation time still yet to be taken. So, this employee has a new sick day policy that goes into effect for 2009 and beyond. Unless I absolutely have to take a day off to take care of one of my young children, I'm going into work (fever, vomiting, poop shoots and all) and spreading whatever it is I have as if it were the bubonic plague. In fact, I will go out of my way to try and see if I can spread whatever manner of illness I have been stricken with to any and all members of management that I can come into contact with. This whole issue has pissed me off to the point where if I could capture the flu virus into an envelope, I would mail it to senior members of management and HR. I'm not the only one to think about it this way; the majority of my co-workers feel much the same way. So, I'm sure that 2009 will be a very interesting year indeed. I have a good mind to wear a hazmat suit everytime one of my co-workers mentions that they might be coming down with something.
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