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Today marks the passing of the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which repealed Prohibition. It might seem crazy to us now, but alcohol was illegal in the U.S. for 13 years. What common vice do you think is most likely to be outlawed in the future?

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  • Курение-хотелось бы верить...А.вообще мы сильно отличаемся от цивилизованного мира по многим параметрам, может, потому что законы принимают и следят за исполнением такие как Жирик и иже с ним...но он же и нравится нашей публике- вот ведь загадка российской души!
  • Probably marriage.
    Oh no wait, that's not the future.
    I know that's not a vice, I'm still mad about it though.

  • I dont know of any current vices are most likely to be outlawed in the future... but i do think that in the future, weed will be completely legalized!! its bound to happen eventurally and the process is already happening. in my home town, its practically legal already. but thats because isnt really a vice, its something that is very helpful.
  • Smoking cigarettes. I think it's slowly starting with the banning of smoking in public and the kind of temperance movement I saw happening on my campus to get smoking on campus banned during my last year of college. It looks exactly the same to me - and I think it's equally stupid especially since most of the studies that say second hand smoke is as bad or worse than smoking have been discredited. I'm not encouraging anyone to smoke keep in mind: I don't think it's healthy or anything like that BUT that doesn't mean it should be illegal. I don't smoke for the record either. I totally respect other people's choice not to smoke - if that's how you feel awesome: don't smoke! But the assumption that you have the right to make other people's behavioral choices for them... Frankly that makes me uncomfortable. I agree with the non-smoking propaganda in that the tobacco industry certainly has committed crimes. Marlbrough and other large cigarette companies are completely immoral and unethical. They are in my opinion BAD companies to support - and so I would never give them my money. There are organic and ethical cigarette companies though so that's no reason to ban smoking... and that's an entirely different issue. There are few if any ethical petrol companies as well but that doesn't stop people from buying their gasoline and is certainly no reason to ban driving. At the heart of the Stop Smoking Movement honestly is a moral feeling that smoking, since it is a vice, is wrong and should therefore be banned - and if it's banned in public everywhere that's basically illegal and not a huge step to making it actually illegal outright. It's the same as prohibition and will I think have similar effects - smoking tobacco will be just like smoking pot and everyone and their mother will do it.
  • Abortion, gay relationships, and smoking, all things that i think people shouldn't have problems with. Totally bullshit things to outlaw. And with smoking, if people want to smoke, let them do it, it doesn't me. And thinking, that might be outlawed too.
  • I think possibly smoking, but not forever. Yes, it's been around since the beginning of time, but now with advanced technology and improved methods of research, scientists may find crazy stuff in that little roll of tobacco, and then health activists will rise with their fist o'doom against the government (or whoever does this stuff) It could be a repeat of the whole alcohol thing, since sometimes, people just don't learn, or they may replace it with something else to satisfy the smokers. But hopefully, the smoking percentage of people will be significantly less by the time that happens because of the whole No Smoking and I Pledge to Not Do Drugs programs in schools.
    Or it could be morphine, since it works so well that people go to extremes to get it like any other drug. There may be another one, but I'm not too knowledgable about this. ^^;
  • Smoking
  • breathing.
  • most likely cigarettes and possibly smoking in general.... most places are now smoke-free and i'm all for it because smoking (in any capacity) is pretty freaking gross
  • Gayness. It's bull, but with the extremists out there....you never know. -.-
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