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If you were a superstar of professional wrestling, what would your wrestling name be? And what finishing move would you use to get to Wrestlemania?

Answers (248)

  • I'd be the Howler! 8D. I'd scream foul mouthed cursed words whenever possible and my signature move would be the low gut-wrench with an added 'I AM THE CHEESE' at the end.

    Or an elbow drop.

    Yes.... an elbow drop...
  • Uhm, I don't think I could come up with my own wrestling name. lol. I can't even pick names for characters on The Sim.

    If I could pick any wrestling that I'd like to be, past or present, it would probably be John Cena. He is one of my all-time favorite wrestlers. I just love how he is so real and passionate about the sport. If you're going to be a wrestler, you better have some passion. They work really hard. Harder than people might think. Just because some things ARE fake, does not mean that the whole entire show is.

    I have watched one of John Cena's DVDS; Word Life. It was such an amazing biography to watch. He was once a body builder, which is why he is so muscular. He's not on steroids as of right now or anything. Also just hearing from his parents and his brother about how passionate he is about the business is really amazing to hear. He even made a cute little belt for his championship. lol

    Well, enough about the present of wrestling. If I could be any wrestler from the PAST, it would more than likely have to be Trish Stratus. In the 90s, she was an important part of the female aspect of wrestling. She really had some skills in the ring. She is also very beautiful, which might have helped in the ratings back then, who knows. Another amazing wrestler is Mae Young. I know they did some stupid gimmacks with her in them, but she truly is what a female wrestler should be; tough and sweet. If you really watch her matches back when wrestling was just that, wrestling, she is amazing in the ring. Her and Fabulous Moolah (RIP), as well as Sensational Sherri (RIP). They are all or were, such amazing female athletes. They also didn't take shit from anyone. They're the true visual of wrestling.

  • Oh, This is easy. I love raw <3 Uhm, I'd either use the Batista Bomb or Kelly Kelly's moves! & My name would be .. Hm, I'm not sure :) I never thought about that one.
  • i dont  know but i will kick them asses
  • My wrestling name? Provided that I couldn't get away with the obvious (Thor), I'd probably go with "Tanngnost" (One of Thor's goats)


    My finishing move would be aptly named the "Asgardian Chariot"

  • Я Савчик-Красавчик, мой финальный удар- щелбан в нос

  • Pickley pete The porker. TAda
  • Seeing as I'm only pullin' a buck 30 (130 lbs)not likely I could ever win a match... so as a solution... my name would be The Invisible Man and my finishing move would be not showing up... They can't hurt me if they can't see me. I'd probably pay a few people off to fight themselves in the ring and lose. Imagine if that worked... it would revolutionize tv wrestling.
  • well, seeing that i'm 6' 7" and 330 lbs, i think my wrestling name would be Gigantor. And my finishing move would probably be me jumping off of the romps with my opponent above my head and slamming them, with lots of force, onto the ground. I'll call it "death from above".
  • I'm not sure what wrestling move, but I would call myself "Killer Jtina"
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