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Little Women

Fans of Little Women often divide along Jo/Amy lines. Jo was independent and smart, but Amy always seemed to get what she wanted and have more fun. Are you in the Jo camp or the Amy camp?

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  • Ooohhh... I very like it book :)
    If say about me, I like as Jo and Beth. Yeah, Beth. Why? I very like write something (but it fan-fictions almost all, alas(  ) as Jo and I pay on piano as Beth.
    Main. Jo/Beth it my favourite pairing in it fandom :)

  • If it is between Jo and Amy, I'm in the Jo camp.

    But, really  I think I relate best to the mother because I have my own household of Little Women. 

  • I'm somewhere in the middle. I want to be in the Amy camp and I don't think of her as a bad person or anything... But as for my personal life it has turned out more in the Jo catagory but I envy all the Amys because really I wish my life were easier; or maybe I wish I would ALLOW my life to be easier or something.
  • I'm somewhere in the middle. Little Women (and its sequel, Good Wives) is definitely a work that should be re-read as an adult, for (hopefully!) more mature understanding of both characters and their growth.

    Jo *was* independent and smart, and in any incarnation of book/movie, she comes off well. She's a very sympathetic character, with her honesty and impulsive friendliness; and modern girls surely love the fact that she was a writer, with a career, and helped support her family. She was genuinely a loving sister and daughter.

    But she did have some negative traits that are too easily glossed over. She had a horrible temper and a sharp tongue-not a good combination-and she often had poor manners in social settings during a time when that *did* matter very much. (Well, it always does, but even more so then.)

    One of the best things she did was turn Laurie's offer of marriage down, because they *would* have had some monumental fights; and Jo would have frankly been an embarrassment to him socially. She, in turn, would have found his lifestyle too restrictive. A good, affectionate friendship would have been lost. It's hard to portray this properly, in film, especially when there's charisma between the actors (like Christian Bale and Winona Ryder...Samantha Mathis was blah.)

    Jo lost out on her trip to Europe (that was only hers in hope, and not by any promise) because she was too impatient with her Aunt March, too flippant, and awkward, not because Amy "stole" it from her. Remember, too, that the March family had "come down" in the world due to the Civil War-they used to be well-off, from Meg's early girlhood memories; so they would have been expected to know how to behave in company and to learn certain accomplishments, if they hadn't been reduced in circumstance.

    Beth's illness and eventual death (that scene KILLS ME *sobs*), that Jo faithfully nursed her through; and Jo's subsequent devoted care of her parents, taught Jo the patience she desperately needed; and helped her access and share the deep tenderness hidden beneath her prickly exterior. It didn't entirely stamp out her temper problems, but went a long way towards her learning to control it better.

    Amy wasn't an appealing child. I didn't like her, myself, when I first read LW as a kid; but I learned to appreciate her growth from spoiled baby of the family to a charming and gracious gentlewoman, who was artistically gifted and very self-disciplined. Amy's separation from her family, due to Beth's long illness, isolated with only Aunt March, helped her shed her little vanities and young pretensions; and she genuinely *liked* her aunt, after she'd lived with her for a while. Amy *worked* to better herself in character...and that's why Amy got the trip to Europe, for her final social polishing and education, and not Jo. Amy won Laurie for the same reasons, and passed up the chance for an even better, more profitable marriage to wed for love-thus dealing with any remaining shallowness encouraged by their social aspirations.

    I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Jo, the high-spirited tomboy writer; but I have learned to have an equal affection for Amy, grown, by her own conscious character-forming decisions, into a fine person.

    However, I like Polly, from An Old-Fashioned Girl, better than anybody. :)
  • Really who can resist Jo? Seriously, Jo was really a go getter, writing her own stories and everything. Frankly Amy always seemed to be a bit of a brat to me. I definately related more to Jo than to anyone else. She was one of those female role models from the books that I read that I really looked up to and wanted to be like. I think that answers the question.
  • Jo was definitely my favorite.  Smart, independent, a woman before her time.
  • I was always the JO-fan. She made me love books and the desire of becoming a writer. Amy is also very sweet (I loved her in the Anime) but JO was always my favourite of the girls. (Mary is also my favourite Bennet-girl. I always like the book nerds.)
  • It's funny that I came across this question. I haven't read the book, for which I am ashamed. Plus I am about to say something that I personally hate... I've seen the film dozens of times. In fact I watched it only a week ago again. If I'm going by that alone I would say that I am definately a Jo fan. I HATE Amy. She is a selfish little fool whose only goal in life was wealth. And it is true that she got exactly what she wanted. She always wanted to be better than her sisters and in her eyes doing this meant gaining money and taking what was most dear to them i.e Teddy. WTF?

    She practically stole him away from Jo and the only thing that I love about this is that she will always be second choice. He always loved Jo more and only really married Amy because he wanted into the March family. Amy couldn't even be bothered making it back for Beth's funeral. She always seemed so cold. Unlike Jo who was so down to earth, independent and good!

    Enough ranting! I could go on for eternity on the list of characters I dislike.

  • Jo forever! Her indepence DID give her what she most needed and desired, despite drawbacks. And speaking of the Jo side, I'm all for the Nan style given that. Strong, independent, single, and a career woman at a time when that was almost impossible! And se has my name.
  • Jo!!!!  Isn't it obvious?  I've completely followed in Jo's footsteps down to the older man!
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