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In the spirit of the Darwin Awards, what gets your nomination for the stupidest act committed by a human this year?

Answers (229)

  • I would have to say the stupidest act award would have to go to the dork in Madison, WI that broke a convenience store window, stole 7 cigarellos (of varying flavors), stole a car but got it wedged into a snow bank not too far from the theft point, so he ran ... The cops tracked him down really quickly. They followed the foot prints in the snow!! DUUUH!!
  • getting caught having sex with a picnic table. lmao
  • Cody climbing up a tall, questionably sturdy ladder with a 20lb sledge hammer in tow, trying to place it in the rafters overhead. He acknowledged the apparent stupidity of his act, saying "Richard, this is how Darwin Awards are made."
  • I work retail, and every day people get stupider... I nominate every customer who has ever graced my presence.
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  • Hmmm, for this year? I'd have to say my mother's beta. Stupid fish got itself stuck in the floating cup for a plant used to keep him feeling like he was at home. And since this is a very dry area what little water was there evaporated.

    As for not this year.... This idiot I knew in high school should get at least three darwin awards. Seriously, the idiot dove head first into a trashcan and thus a brick wall as he didn't bother to make sure said trashcan was being held farther than 3 inches from the wall.  Or you could just go to failblog and track down all those fools if you wanted..
  • Well, my boyfriend is 6'2", and I'm 5' even. He was walking in front of me backwards, picking on me for my height. I told him I'd kick him in the balls. He proptly turned around and ran into a tree branch. c: Best. Thing. EVAR.
  • So, this guy in Iowa City murdered another guy and left his pants WITH HIS WALLET WITH HIS DRIVERS LICENSE WITH IT IN IT at the crime scene. Yeah, that's pretty damn stupid.
  • haha, I have to concur with my friend Kaya-chibi in the nomination of our friend Aaron for just being Aaron. Though I did run top speed full on into a wall in September at the Youth Group lock-in. In my defense, however, we were playing Sardines and it was dark.
  • Well, two people die every year in the US alone by testing a battery on their tongue. What the freaking fuck is up with that?
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