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Department of Stereotypes

One of the most popular gender stereotypes is that women ask for directions while men would rather be lost than ask for help. In your personal experience, does this stereotype hold true?

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  • Вся суть в умении командовать))) Берите пример с военных! Да и кто если не они - мужики нашей страны!)))
  • < Стишок Я понимаю, ждать Вас бесполезно, Вы бесконечно заняты,дела, Разлуке, радость встречи низвестна, Сплошная бесконечная дыра. Вы не волнуйтесь, я Вас понимаю, Примерно лет с десяток подожду, Простите что от дела отвлекаю, В опаске вызвать гневную вражду, Не гневайтись часов у нас в избытке, Тем более не на одну страну, Я похудею с первой же попытке, Средь звёзд глядя на скучную луну. Прощаюсь с Вами, как у Вас дела? Как там собачка? Кости гложет? Всё также на прохожих зла? Или прохожий лает тоже?
  • For my husband, this stereotype is absolutely true!  However it's better now that we invested in a GPS system for the car, but even those don't work correctly all the time.  Usually if I feel we're lost, I'll pretend to have to go to the bathroom at a gas station, buy some candy, and ask the clerk for directions.  It's okay if I ask, but not my husband - MEN!!!
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again. Stereotypes don't apply to everyone.... there's always exceptions. If I'm lost going someplace I have no problem with stopping and asking for directions. Although I'd prefer to go into a store and asking the people working there than a random person walking on the side. I'd prefer to ask for directions over remaining lost especially if I'm on my way to an appointment. In fact the day question was posted was probably the day when I was going to the doctor's office for the first time and I got a bit lost so I stopped and asked for directions at the drug store that was in the vicinity. There are lots of other examples that are stereotypical that I don't adhere to.
  • I never get lost - temporarily geographically dislocated is a more accurate term.  I never ask for directions.  I do know how to use a map and have my blackberry with me at all times so have never been tgd'd for very long.
  • Definitely. I've seen it happen and heard about a ludicrous story related to it. But I have to say it's not always that way. Sometimes women also forget to ask directions and end up in any place.
  • I'm a big fan of Google Maps.

    C. (Registered Male)

  • I would have to disagree with this one. While I know guys who REFUSE to ask for directions [although it is obviously needed], I too have a bit of male ego .. or maybe it's just the shyer side of me coming out, i hate asking for directions. The difference is I know how to not get lost... it may not make sense but I travel quite a bit to random places and for the most part dont get lost. [for the most part] but i absolutely detest asking for directions, i'd much rather drive around for a bit than assume I can't do it on my own.
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