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Annals of Animal Warfare

Putting the laws of time and plausiblity aside, picture a battle between the megalodon (a prehistoric shark with a six-foot jaw span) and a giant squid (reported to be the size of a school bus). Who would win?

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  • You know... I don't think I care which would win. I'm too busy imagining what a kickass-huge plate of sushi you could make from them. Sushi for all the starving children in Africa! (It's either that, or I draw macro furry tentacle porn) -Alexandra

  • I read meg, i on't think anything could beat that shit.
  • The giant squid.
    How else did you think that the Giant Squid rules the lake near Hogwarts?
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  • Well, since I have pondered this age old question for quite a while and actually conducted research on the topic, my expert opinion (I am the world's first and only Megalodonsquidologist) would be the Megalodon would win.  Although the Giant Squid has a powerful beak and a toung with sharp teeth on it, I do believe that the giant mouth and rediculously carniverous nature of the Megalodon would put it in the winners circle. Although the Giant Squid feeds on smaller fish and squid species, it's main predator is the Sperm Whale who doesn't even use or need teeth to feed on Giant Squid. With those facts being known, it is a very reasonable assumption to make that the Giant Squid would fall to the Megalodon just as it does the Sperm Whale. While we are in the business of suspending the laws of time and plausibility why dont we try a Megalodon and a T-Rex? That may be a better match. 
  • The squid would win.  Yes the shark has a massive jaw span with teeth of doom but the quid has eight tencles.  Each tentacle has a suction cup with a claw in it.  The shark may be able to take out a few legs but there are always more that could rip him apart before the shark could attack again.

  • shark? it's hugely big.
    squid? it onli defends itself. (at least, in my p.o.v.)

    i am thinking it's shark.

  • It would really depend on their motivations. I mean, if the megalodon's family had been killed by the squid in a tragic event several years previous, that would give it some pretty hefty plot points in its favour. But on the other hand, the giant squid has the advantage of being a popular culture reference. It has a lot of reputation points right there it could spend in combat stats. Additionally, would the giant squid actually want to kill and eat a megalodon? Do they even live in the same depth? One might just kick the bucket trying to reach the other to engage in aforementioned fight to the death. Putting even vague logic aside, I would say that the squid might lose a few tentacles but would eventually triumph. If it had the sense to disable the megalodon's jaws early-on in the fight it might even survive, else it would die of shock and blood loss before it had gone a few miles. The blood in the water would also finish off an injured combatant by attracting more predators and scavengers, so technically they'd both lose. The megalodon has evolution on its side, because let's face it. Sharks are pretty damned evolved. There aren't that many animals that are better at what they do than sharks, and this is a very, very large shark. But regardless. If the megalodon had the power of time-travel, which it apparently does, it would go back in time and kill the squid whilst it was young, vulnerable and without any vendetta against the megalodon in question. The end. O-one more hour until the Japanese soc. social. I CAN DO THIS. I've been on campus since 10:30 but I CAN DO THIS.
  • I say Giant Squid. Why? Because I love Giant Squid, and it should win.

    I think greater surface area and the ability to strangle-hold the giant shark would beat out a few lost tentacles. (if the shark got a solid bite in first, maybe it'd go differently.)

    Additionally, The Giant Squid still exists to this day, so from an evolutionary standpoint, VICTORY!

  • Dumbledore!
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