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Writer's Block

This Gets My Vote

Whether it's in an election or just in a fun poll, what's getting your vote this week?

Answers (170)

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  • Probably Voting all boys off the Island,
    I'm prettymuch over them
    But wait, a world with all girls
    Makes me kinda wanna puke.

    What gets my vote?
    Marijuana (for people who need it)
    Mr. Obama
    Michael Jackson is innocent
    OJ is innocent
    Tila Tequila (she is way sweet)
    Paramore for new artist of  the year
    Chuck Norris
    Julia Styles, Mandy Moore, & Sandra Bullock for shared best actress' ever

    What Doesn't get my vote?
    George W. Bush is a criminal(Theif, Murderer, You know)
    Letting Petdofiles live
    Kevin Bacon (for anything)
    Domestic Violence
    Child Abuse

  • Basically, this poll took place in one of the fan fiction forums that I subscribe to, namely the Fireplace. The question was "Which category has the absolute worst fics?" and the options were cartoon, book, anime/manga, TV show, game, movie, miscellaneous, and comic. I voted for book, because I don't normally watch movies and anyway, most of the movies I do watch actually were adapted from books. They are still listed under the category "books" anyway. I chose books because majority of the time, these books would be adapted into movies, and that's where all the sues come in. Thanks to people like Orlando Bloom (Legolas), Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and Garrett Hedlund (Murtagh), these fandoms end up getting flooded with sues, written by fan-girls who just want to fulfil their own fantasies by "smexing" these characters. I remember one comment someone said about Legolas, "I wonder how he has the time to be in the fellowship when all he does is go around feeling up women." The real Legolas certainly isn't like that, but well, personality rarely does survive fan fiction. Worse of all, some of these authors don't even know the basics of good writing. Spelling and grammatical errors all over the place (even though there is a spell-check), chat-speak . . . they make me want to bang my head on my keyboard and weep for humanity. It is that bad.
  • Things that are getting my vote this week would have to be Phil Collins, Final Fantasy, Mal, Apple & Blackcurrant juice, Chris, my iPod, Leeds, Mal again and long ginger hair ;)
  • itunes podcasts. Seriously, im addicted to them at the moment. And not even so much the listening part as the going "oo this one looks cool" and then getting it on ur little podcast list. Ah. Theyre fast, and free...I sound like a spokesperson dont I? Heh heh.
    Some personal favorites that I have listened to are: DaneCast: the official podcast of Dane Cook, Flying Monkey Radio, TalkMetal, AP, and The Kevin and Bean show!
    MUAHAHAHAAHAHA! I pwn ur podcasts, bitches!
  • З а бОльшее количество выходных:))))))
  • I guess I don't do a lot of online polls but I have been looking into the elections and all...and right now I'm pretty sure I'm going to be voting Republican in the Presidential Election...but I can't vote in the primary because I'm Independent and NJ is stupid when it comes to that. However, I'm kind of scared about who is going to be chosen...on both sides... I'd like it to be Obama vs. McCain right now...but it's looking like either Obama or Hilary vs Guliani. We'll see...
  • Also, ich vote in dieser Woche für Sonnenschein, glückliche Stunden, heißen Tee (weil die Sonne, die hier ankommt nicht ausreichend wärmt)und Freunde. Ganz ehrlich: Wenn sich einer meiner Freunde zur Wahl stellen würde, könnte ich jedem nur empfehlen, diese Leutz zu wählen. :-) Mei, die Welt wäre so viel schöner ... na ja, vielleicht nicht schöner, aber auf jeden Fall lustiger. (Man, manchmal kann ich schon ziemlich naiv sein, was?)
    Even though they already won, i think.
    i love them.
    Their music is beyond awesome.
    It makes me wish i wrote it.
  • i don't like polling or vote(formally)... if i can, i'd have abstain... but for fun... i was just participating on some poll about the beautiful man in some thriteen group :D
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