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Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, and Vlad the Impaler, the original Dracula, have the same birthday. Coincidence?

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  • Nope, authors go on nutty little tidbits like these for inspiration. crazy bitches.
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  • Coincidence? I think not.

    I am a firm believer in things happen for a reason. Whether they are good things or bad things, something somewhere in the past has happened to cause the consequence.

    I know for one if I had the same birthday as Dracula, i'd be very curious as to who this Dracula was, what did he do, why was he famous? And knowing me, i'd probably get a little bit obsessed. I mean come on i share a birthday with a vampire. how cool??

    I'm a sucker for vampires. and twilight.
    Call me weird, call me morbid i dont care.
    I love them.
    I could totally see myself as a vampire. A good one though. who doesn't go round murdering and turning innocents just cos im hungry. It just seems so glamourous and mysterious. in reality it probably wouldn't be....
    but a girl can dream. right??

    anyway before i get into the mechanical workings of my mind and vampires. I'm going to go. It's all too deep to get into on a saturday night at 11pm.
    Maybe later.

  • yeaaah, i think so
    cos i have the same birthday as James dean <3
    and.. it doesn't mean anything haha
  • No. Vampires can spend their life as long and how they want ;)
  • Not really. You can't control what day or year you're born in. I am sure I "coincidentally" share a birth date with someone like that, famous or not. I wonder who it would be.
  • <covers her charming Libra eyes while she types>

    Yes, that is entirely coincidental.  However, the following ultra cool Libras are not born coincidentally:

    James Dean
    Steve McQueen
    James Bond
    Suzanne Sommers
    Bridgette Bardot
    Elvis Presley
    Johnny Cash
    All members of the Rolling Stones
    John Lennon
    Ruby Wax
    Judy Tanuta
    The Pips
    Harry Connick Jr.
    Frank Sinatra
    Johnny Carson
    Dean Martin
    Marilyn Monroe
    Mother Theresa

    (OK I added a few that I sort of like just because I wanted to you know, sort of elevate myself in some small way)..
  • No. Obviously they're teh same person. Jack the Ripper too. The only reason we don't have JtheR's b-day here too is b/c we don't "officially" know who he is.
  • Da-da-dum!
  • ahahahahahahhahah thats funny..I never knew that..makes you wonder..maybe he was the original, and just wanted to write it down as though it was a myth...but it was really his self biography..wow
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