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Writer's Block

The Internet

Happy birthday, Internet! The Internet, of course, has changed many things for the good. But is it all good? What is the biggest problem the Internet has created for you or the world?

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  • I think that many people use the internet so they can have a soical life...Item A me...... But some people lie to your face and others just use it to be people who they are not because they have not got a LIFE I mean they abuse what  the net is all about.....Broard casting your self around the world then the univers......Get over who you want to be and be yourself!!! JUST SWITCH OFF YOUR COM AND CALL THE I NEED A LIFE HELP LINE!!! YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME WANT TO FUCKING SLIT YOUR THROUGHTS YOU FUCK HEADS!!! Go out side and pat your dog...Catch up with friends If you have none because you where to busy pretending to be someone that you clearly arent... So your friends left you to your pethetic lives well then kill yourself theres to many people on this planet anyway...... 

    sorry for being so forward but get a life there is so much to do think put that useless mind of yours to work...
  • Cyber Bullying and Paedophiles. D:

    Its amazing how much you hear about people getting raped and molested and all that kinda shit by being stupid and arranging to meet up with someone over the internet. I suppose taht isnt the internet's fault, as it wasnt meant to be abused in such a way, but it does play a part in other people's stupidity.
    And as for the cyber bullying; Flamers, trollers, people like that, YOU ALL SUCK! Stop abusing the internet for your sad lifestyles, and go out and do things like that in person, so the person youre aiming you stupid comments at can KICK YOUR F*CKING HEAD IN!

    I rest my case.
  • Well, there is nothing like the internet. I use it everyday, hell alot of people use it everyday and it gives them an excuse to build a home network or spend 60 bucks a month for high speed internet. The internet, also known as "The information Superhighway", has limitless information about many things. Portals that can lead you to many sources of desired knowledge or tools. Not everything is good about the internet though. Like needing a credit card to view porn (legally), or services like that which get children grounded until past their adulthood. Professional hackers that wreak havoc on non technologically savvy folk and get high paid jobs for it. Let's not forget webrings which may have information leading to terrorism against our country that no politician would give two shits about (I don't know of such places, but I am sure they exist). Otherwise, the internet has become a quick and reliable guide to information for the people.
  • It is good. The Internet is so good. But to everything, there is always another side of the coin. One of the major problem with Internet is it promotes pornography. Like DUHH? Everyone knows that. Who doesn't?

    Okay, I would like to point out the problems I'm facing in everyday life created by this technology.

    1. Addiction
    This one is common. I'm addicted to the internet. And so do you?
    2. Procrastination
    Ah, this is actually linked from the first one in this list: Addiction. Once you're addicted to the internet, you tend to put it first on top of every priority in everyday life. E.g: homeworks, assignments,....or even dinner?
    3. Excessive exposure
    I must admit, it's a lie if I said I never accidently watched porn from the internet. Being a christian, I must be really careful filtering through the contents of the Internet.

    So that's the 3 major thing currently going on in my life. Sadly, I'm still not over it. I'm determined to destroy my internet addiction because I fear it would draw away my mind from God.

  • I think this archived "writers' block" question can be tied into the last blog entry I wrote out.  Because of the Internet's exposing me to a world outside my own, I've become much more keenly aware of How Things Are.  I mean, regardless of this exposure I've always been aware of how "different" I am, but at least pre-Internet I could delude myself into thinking that maybe I was just different in relation to the local environment I was surrounded by.  That's what I always felt like in the back of my mind, prior to the Internet entering my life -- "I may be weird and unusual *here*, but I'll bet outside this environment I can easily find a niche *somewhere*."  But as I've gone throughout the Internet, I've found that there are no slots I can fit into anywhere.  Not even the otherwise-reliable indicator of shared interests -- I am either too much of something or not enough of something else, and the effect is disorienting at best.

    Now as far as what problems I see arise for others....  I believe the Internet has divorced us of the ability to relate to one another on a personal basis.  We are a ruder people because of the Internet, and the rudest of all are the people who had access to the Internet at a very early age.  These people never got the chance to relate to others face-to-face, because the Internet always did that for them, so they've grown up stunted and crude, ruled by the id instead of the superego.  They canot care for another because they have been so accustomed to being emboldened by the relative anonymity/detachment of the Internet.  So I fear for our future, because I know these people will take primary roles in that future, and I fear we're in for a nihilistic Dystopia if these people don't learn to sympathize with others and stop being borderline sociopaths.  Sure, some might say that this is just a sign of these people's youth, but I see a distinct difference between the young people of today and even the most carefree, fun-loving prankster youth of the late 1980s.  These late '80s youth, some of the earliest to capture their exploits onto videotape, still have a heart and a sense of humanity about them.  They are less about being disruptive and rude and more about just bringing levity into other people's lives.  These are things I cannot as easily say about today's so-called "fun lovers".

    So what would I like?  First of all, I would like for parents to forbid their children under the age of 16 from accessing the Internet.  Maybe they might able to go online for very brief spurts, only to do research for homework, but that should be it.  Children should be reintroduced to the idea of interacting with people as people instead of "just" words on the screen.  At the age of 16, children should be allowed to access the Internet, but not for long periods of time.  And they should still be encouraged to make friends and relate to others as children in previous generations have.  By the age of majority, these people will have received enough exposure to face-to-face interactions to where they will be able to understand how to relate to people as human beings, and be able to retain a sense of humanity about themselves and their interpersonal relations on the Internet.  Maybe then there can be more kindness and respect towards others on the Internet, something that seems direly missing from most of the Internet as it exists today.

    My $0.02.  Your mileage may, as always, vary.

  • The biggest problem the Internet has created for me is taking up way too much of my free time. Being unemployed at the moment means I have far too much time on my hands, and most of my day seems to be made of me aimlessly clicking around various websites. Sure, I learn a lot on the Internet but it distracts me from doing other things like, um, getting a job. In another sense though, it's helping me find a job; so I guess I should thank it for that.

    The other problem I have with the Internet is that I rely on it way too much. I can't go a day without checking my email, even if it's just through my mobile phone. Also, I use it to look up every bit of information I require. This may be a good thing, but it means that everytime we're having an argument over what films an actor appeared in, for example, I look to the Internet. In the past it would have taken far more effort, so I guess it's made us a bit lazy when it comes to looking up information.

    I can't really say many more bad things about the Internet, because it would be impossible to imagine my life without it these days. 

  • Ever been to 4-chan? There's your answer.
  • It is so easy to get lost in, to lose face-to-face, 'true' human connections.
  • Well that should be obvious! The anonymity of the Internet means that people too stupid to have anything better to do with themselves take to trolling around making asses of themselves. Other people may not go trolling, but are obnoxious asses all the same, their first reaction to anything being ridicule. So for all the good it brings, the Internet's anonymity tends to encourage people to be bullying fucktards. It pisses me off a hell of a lot.
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