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Writer's Block

Perks of the Job

In this economic climate, not all employers are able to give raises. What perks would make you happy in lieu of a raise?

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  • Seriously? Actually getting every other FULL weekend off. XD
  • well I am going to write this column in conjunction with the writers block question above and another question- What do I think it means to be a good employee? If I were a business owner with employees to manage here are the qualities that I would look for in a good employee: - Hard-working- gets the job done regardless of how long it takes. - Take initiative- does not need me to hold their hand to do everything and goes ahead and does what they KNOW needs to be done unless otherwise instructed - Responsible- admits their mistakes and makes noticeable efforts to change behaviors or practices when asked to do so - Dependable- does what they say when they say they are going to do it. - Learns quickly - Asks questions- is not afraid to ask questions, and does so when he/she is not sure what to do - Motivated to learn and improve - Feels invested in the company How closely do I follow this? Well I feel that I am generally a very hard-worker... I have not ever purposely left without getting a job done. I care about doing a good job and want to get things done "right." I feel like I work really hard actually. That is satisfying to me at the end of the day to say "I worked hard today!" I really don't think I have a problem with initiative either... I like to try to think ahead and think about "what can I do right now to help or to get something organized?" If there ever is a time that I don't take initiative it is generally because I felt that I did not have the authority to act on something and wanted to get the okay beforehand or other... it's important to me to also not overstep my bounds and make a professional faux pau. Two areas I could work on- taking responsibility for things and being "dependable." In my defense I don't think that either of these issues is really a reflection on my true character. Often I think that there is a subconscious issue in my psyche that makes me act on my more selfish desires... like oversleeping... like taking longer lunches or breaks than I should... like using the internet for personal reasons at work... like staying too long at home in the morning... I don't want to be known for these things though... I have a conscience and it tells me that being responsible and dependable are good things that I really want to improve on. I will journal on these things in a few minutes. Let me move on to my next good employee quality. Learns quickly- I think this is a real strength of mine. I can learn pretty much anything I feel and do it well, with practice. I am good at learning new technology... I enjoy learning and I am quick to volunteer to learn something if asked. I am always looking to grow and expand my current knowledge and I think that is a big plus of mine. The other good quality that goes along with this is that I am willing to learn from my mistakes and from my own experiences. I think the fact that I'm conscientious and willing to learn is a great quality and it's a quality that I hope I never lose. I think that the last three qualities about asking questions, motivation to learn and improve, and feeling invested in the company are strengths of mine too. I am never afraid to ask questions and I always try to do so in a respectful and courteous manner. I want to learn and I want to improve myself and the company. I want to make positive contributions to my employer and this takes a positive attitude to do. Generally though I also like to feel invested in the company I work for... I always try to take pride in being employeed As for the things I think I could improve on... Here they are: - Dependability - Responsibility - Pleasant but businesslike - Leave family problems at home - Display interest and enthusiasm - Respectful to all other employees... including annoying supervisors and managers and people in charge who irritate me. Let's try to pick three areas and make three small improvements in each one: - Dependability 1. If I make it in by 8:45 am every day this week I can read an article in the newspaper 2. No snooze rule- if I don't hit snooze I can have a flavored coffee!! 3. Stay for all meetings you are available for and don't argue about it... just do it. - Pleasant but businesslike 1. Go to lunch with a co-worker once a week if possible, but do not stand around and talk in the office 2. NEVER sit around in the back of event... always look like you are participating and looking for ways to help (which is true) 3. No excessive personal communication at work (text, cell phones, and emails can be checked at lunch or early in the morning and no more) - Respectful to all other employees 1. Do not argue back with your supervisor 2. Do not roll your eyes 3. Do not doodle on your note pad when being talked to Now I know that actually most of the behaviors that I've exhibited here have been in defense... what do I mean by that??? Well there are some major things about my current employher that upset me or that make me angry. They make me angry because they make me feel taken advantage of or they make me feel like I am really stupid, small, and insignificant. I also know that I've been acting defensively and sort of passive aggressively because I resent my boss and the CEO. My boss and the CEO to me come off as very cold people who only care about their jobs, the organization, and "looking good." This upsets me because I am a person who cares about people, individuals over the whole, and looking good does not matter much to me. What I mean by this is that I like to get into the nitty gritty and really understand people and their problems. I care about relating to others... even in a company and even in managing others. Why do I care about this? Well because I think that in order to really affect someone and their life you have to take a vested interest in them... I often feel overwhelmed by the whole picture and feel better if I start fixing things one by one. Does that make sense?? I think yes, I am a big picture person in that I see how the small details affect the large picture... but I am a small picture person in that I would rather look at that and try to fix it there than to take on the whole and try to change it from the top down. Here I am being that social-liberal democrat again... want to start with the individual and work up rather than start at the top and work down... I just want people to know that I saw them... and that they mattered... rather than that I started at the top with a big thing and they just damn well better fit in... I wonder what type of leadership tends to be most effective... top down or bottom up?? I will have to google that later. Either way... the reality is I am in an organization where the leadership is definitely TOP down... And because I'm an employee of that organization I think I need to respect that somewhat. It isn't going to change by me being bottom up... which they will see as being a trouble maker. Maybe the better thing to do is see how I can fit into the organization rather than trying to change it... at least for now. Why? Because it will be less stress for me and I really think I might be able to get more work done that way. Let's think about that for today.
  • naptime after lunch.
  • Microsoft marketing division: Focus group: I'm retired so I'm not going to skew the distribution.
  • I would like post it notes. No, let me rearticulate that...I want post it notes to stay put. I bring them, and they go missing. How else am I supposed to write I.O.U.a.new.pen. note to Jacob?
    Sticky papers, and I will be the loyalist of employees.
  • Stop wasting money!!! Offer more flexibility to work from home when needed. Fire JJ.
  • More vacation days!
  • One of the things my job finally got wise to was an employee discount. I think they finally realized that most of their employees couldn't afford to shop at them and were going to Walmart instead - our biggest competitor. Oops. One of the things I've been thinking about lately that would rock is a quiet break room. Currently , our only break room is crowded and has a loud TV in it. While this is great for those people that want to watch TV, as someone that prefers to read or study, I can't sit in that room on my breaks. I've taken to sitting in my car. This seems unfair.

    Other perks might include provided lunches on occasion or at least a free drink or two to augment lunch.

  • I work for a State Government. WE DON'T GET RAISES! I would be happy if they would just stop cutting the good benefits that we have now and give us back some of the ones that we had when I started 4 years ago.
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