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Health Care

Is health care a right or a privilege to you?

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  • Health care is a right no ifs, ands or buts about it! End of story! ~Derema~
  • Absolutely a right. It's a basic human right, along with shelter and food and water. Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • Absolutely a privilege. If we were throwing out money to all the lazy lower class to give them this "right," we'd be fucked.

    If you can't afford health care, well, I guess you're gonna have to work a little hard, and be a little smarter.

  • a privilege.
  • its a privilege that everyone should have... it takes so much hard work and millions of people and millions more affected by it and yet maybe the world wouldn't be in such a bad condition without it... It's touched everyone's lives and no it isn't a right because tbh it can just as easily be taken away.
  • We've got the National Health Service, pal! So thats a right.
  • Disclaimer: This is my understanding of certain policies; I may be horribly incorrect and will certainly accept any polite and appropriate correction where needed. I strongly believe that health care is defined by where you live. If you live in, say, a capitalist nation, health care is considered a commodity, not a right (although the *pursuit* of health care is certainly a right in the U.S.). If you can afford the fastest car in the world, you get it. If you can afford a house, you purchase one. If you can afford the best doctor in the world, you get his/her services. A capitalist nation is where quality is measured. On the other hand, if you live in a society that is socialist or communist, "you get what everyone else gets" (this is how these idealized theories are flawed when applied to real life); health care is measured in quantity. With a limited number of doctors, each with different skills and abilities, there is NO way that everyone can get the same. However, here, we consider health care to be health care, nothing more. Let's not judge health care on the quality of it in this situation; health care is health care. (I have no idea what this type of health care would do to the U.S. lawsuit rates. I'll leave that to your imagination.) With my personal beliefs in mind, it's unfair that the poor aren't treated the same as the wealthy; certainly the measurements of the qualities of both categories of people cannot be measured. With a small background in economy, one can understand that health care is a resource in the U.S. and thus should be treated like one (food, toys, and gasoline are such examples). The prices rise and fall as a result of basic supply and demand laws, inflation and deflation, etc... It's a limited resource, simply said. So how are we to decide the allocation of health care? Two popular, and very much discussed, methods are a universal health care and a health care system based on insurance and fees. In layman's terms, if universal health care should be put in motion in the U.S. anyone can receive attention from a medical specialist. The catch? The chance of needing to wait days, weeks or months. On the flip side we have a system that only allows the haves to attain health care, just as it is with food, other services, and possessions. Financial discrimination is small collateral in a capitalist society. I get plenty of confused looks from my peers when I say I prefer health care to not be universal, but this is my logical reasoning behind it all.
  • In America, we boast the phrase "The Land of the Free"... We're not free, we're oppressed. We're a nation that pays insurance companies just so we can be seen by a doctor or make a trip to the ER... And yet, while we put thousands towards said health care, they will only cover a percentage of it. Why should we have to PAY in order to BE HEALTHY and able to seek medical attention when we NEED it? I was doing the math, and while it may pay off to have in case of emergencies, it's utter crap when making a doctor's visit because while you pay thousands, you still have to do a co-pay, and then pay the remaining amount should your insurance not cover you entirely. I don't get it.. I'd rather be paying taxes knowing that they'd be going to providing health care for all than throwing money to a damn insurance company to only cover a percentage of your medical bills. Sure the wait times would be the same or worse.. But I wouldn't mind waiting knowing that I wouldn't have to PAY A DAMN THING! Unlike here where you can wait a good 6 hours or even LONGER in order to get attention in the ER... If I'm paying for a service I shouldn't HAVE TO WAIT. About 10 years ago, maybe longer, I had an asthma attack while in the car.. My mom took me to the ER where we waited for 6 and a half hours before being seen. I was wheezing and I couldn't breathe. My mother went up to the receptionist window and was like "My child CANNOT BREATHE! Why are we waiting?" All the receptionist said "We'll call your daughter in when we call her, there isn't anything we can do. Please sit down." There isn't anything a hospital can do? What? By the time they got to me, I was practically grabbing my throat and struggling to get air. Then I got to spend another 4 HOURS on a cold metal table shivering and been given 2 puffs of an inhaler every hour. And don't get me started on my sister who's ill with Bechet's Disease. She's been to the ER and admitted more times this year than I can count on my fingers and toes. My mate, Shadow, was denied health insurance because the company basically said she was too fat and too much of a risk to be covered. Now she's struggling to file for state health care. She just recently had to go to the doctor's because of an issue with pain and a place that pain shouldn't be occurring... She needed an ultrasound. The resulting bill for the ultrasound alone? 367.80... Luckily, the hospital we went to understands people who aren't insured, and gives a discount for such.. So they took off 154.48, leaving us to pay only 213.32. Higher power bless them. This also doesn't include the piss test she had to take which will be about another 200. I've contemplated for a while getting out of this country... Because I don't consider myself lucky to live here, not while we have to PAY for something that should be a common right to all people, rich or poor. Anyone should be able to walk into a hospital or doctors office and be able to get the necessary medical attention and be sent off with no bill or a minimal charge.. Nothing like 200 or even more that people are often left with after a visit to the hospital even WITH health insurance. I'm all for socialized/universal health care, and having the OPTION to choose a private health care insurer for say, a shorter wait time, such as if you have a serious condition or are in need of a transplant.
  • its a damn right!!!!!
  • Its a right...we should all have the right to have this...
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