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Today in 1971, Greenpeace was founded. How are you helping to keep your section of Earth green these days?

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  • I never let the water run while brushing my TEEFF, tricky tricky I sometimes forget and get pissed at myself after wards. I also cut up those plastic holders that holds cans together. the circle ones. fish and animals get hurt with those things :[
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  • Well in my house me and my roommate recyle. Cardboard, bottles, plastic bags. We use the canvas bags as much as possible. Along with keeping stuff unplugged that's not in use.
  • I went vegan, which, I have to say, is one of the best decisions I have made for the longest time. Really. Though I still get the worse food school can offer and my dad keeps telling me how I'm just adding obstacles on my way, I'm still really happy about this choice. I've learnt to cook, I was an awful cook back in the day. I could barely cook eggs and mostly ate mircowavable food, but now I cook most of my meals from the start and I've really learnt to appreciate slow food. 
    I also bike to school and back every day. In winter time I walk if the temperature is above -20C, if below, then I take a bus.
    I buy most of my clothes as used, from flea markets and jumble sales. If I buy new clothes I try to get them in fair trade cotton or in other enviromentally good form. I'm still using my 3(?) years old No Sweat chucks, even though the right one is about to fall apart. Maybe I'll fix it with some ducktape.
    I'm a member of Friends of the Earth, Animalia and Left Youth of Finland, which all do their fair share of work for the enviroment.
  • I love this topic more and more. :-)

    Let's see, aside from recycling and unplugging items when they are not in use.  I donate monthly contributions to the National Park Service and Greenpeace.

    I'm vegetarian (although I'm not super skinny like many would think I'd be) because I don't support the industrialized way of bringing meat to the table.  I would go vegan (no diary) but that's very difficult.  It would mean I would have to cut out many favorite Italian restaurants and store bought chocolates. lol Maybe in a few years I can get there.

    When I'm at work, I copy and print on two sides to conserve paper.  My managers had to adjust to that. It's hilarious - but I think that my "think green" mindset is rubbing off on them.  On the bottom of my e-mails, I have the "think green disclaimer" so that I can spread the message to others. :-)

    I don't support the city life, so I don't go there to shop or do any business.  I would prefer to go in the opposite direction.

    My next car, will me more environmentally friendly, but my Pontiac G6 gets pretty good gas mileage. That was a factor in me getting it.

    I'm pretty green!
  • i'm recycling cans, bottles, old magazines, papers, etc. I've been turning off water when brushing my teeth for almost a year and turning off electronics that is currently not in use. Also I've been reusing the back side of paper to write notes and stuff.
  • Well I must admit I do not do that much to help the environment. The products I buy usually come in large and way more than nessesary packaging. I was raised as a wasteful american pig. I did work for greenpeace for a couple days this past summer and I really thought they were a remarkable company. They make all their money off the donations they recieve and it is in the millions. They have a unique approach to saving the planet, which is by any means necessary. I do not want to bad mouth greenpeace but they are like a tactical militant group that is for protecting our green earth. They have a training center for people who want to jump on to oil rigs in the ocean. I saw a picture of this place and it was intense. My boss their said it was harder to get into that program than the navy seals, how true that is I do not know.
    I am however in a class right now that is teaching me how technology is affecting our planet. The numbers alone are scary enough but some off the personal testimony from those who are affected is sad. The biggest problem is americans, we make twenty five percent of the worlds global carbon emmisions and are only something like four percent of the population. Not to mention we dropped two nucular bombs on this planet which forever changed the globe. Another problem is that other countries are just now going through their industrial revolution which is going to increase pollution also.
  • I love nature. I love camping, hiking, canoing and biking. I love animals, too, that is why I am (semi) vegetarian. (Semi meaning that I sometimes eat chicken or fish, but not very often) I truly believe in keeping the earth as clean as possible, and protecting our beautiful wildlife.
    I like to be environmentally friendly, to recycle, not litter, to buy organic things (for health reasons, too) and to use natural products like cleaners, soaps, shampoos.........I really love being green, don't get me wrong.................but, this whole green movement is starting to get on my nerves. It's become the most talked about subject, every magazine I have opened is full of it.....always on the news, with politics, at school, and it drives me crazy! It's way too much of a 'sensation' now.... It's also starting to be  a lot about money. Go green, make money!!! -.-; And the carbon tax??? I am not for it at all.

    Screw the government. -.- They just want our $$$.......same with all those companies going 'green'. $$$$$$ money money money, cash is king. It never was about our earth, it was always about money! Always will be.

  • Major epiphanetic moment... What I've done so far is:
    1. Changed all of my lightbulbs to "green" more energy efficient ones.
    2. Recycle like a beast.
    3. Publically embarrass people who litter. 
    4. That's it.
    I live in a city with, probably, the most efficient public transportation system in the world, and I bought my dad's Benz... Nice, Ethan. Real nice.
    My only rationale? Oh, well, I need it when I go to Canada. I make a journey up yonder only twice a year.
    My point being, I'm a goddamn douche.
    All of this guilt is going to turn me headfirst onto the comforting shoulder of Google.

    Rest now child, you have Googled your way green.

    P.s. I leave the water running while I brush my teeth. Ahh.
  • I believe i do my part by recycling. and not just trash, although i recycle my bottles and papers. i shop in thrift stores a lot. i also save a lot of stuff where i could reuse it to make a gift or decorate around the apt. for example i will save ribbons, cards, magazines and with all those i make my own cards/pictures for people. i want to start bringing my own shopping bag when i go to the grocery store. ive place a reusable one near the door so i will remember next time i go.
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