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Writer's Block


Missing from Nature

If one thing were to be stricken from nature, what could you stand to see go?

Answers (152)

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  • We already did this one, and I already said cancer. Am I... trapped in a temporal loop? Is this "Groundhog Day, Wilson Edition"? Does this mean I have to resign, go on a road trip, get arrested, and come back to work all over again? If so, I'm not handing House the flashlight this time through. ETA: Wait, no, this isn't today's. It's the same one as before. I saw it on my friends list and thought it was today's. Please ignore me. I'm not qualified to work LiveJournal...
  • Humans. We are the cancer of the earth.
  • male domination
  • BUTTERFLIES! I freakin HATE those things! UGH! DIE BUTTERFLIES DIE! ok, don't DIE, but stay the hell away from ME...
  • The ability to sting or poison repeatedly.
    I seem to have a magnetic attraction to things that bite or sting...especially wasps.
  • ANTI-intillectualism.  Seriously.  There are people in the world who think being educated is a BAD thing.  That talking in full complete sentances with words larger than ain't and whachadoin' is concieted and elitist.

    And yes, I know I can't spell.  I am by no means saying I am one of those intellectual folks, but I strive to be one.  The idea that we want a president who we feel comfortable drinking beer with is insane.  No, I want one who is intelligent enough to run the freaking country!

  • People. They may have been a mistake.
  • Neoconservatives.
  • Bugs. The big black spiders, itty bitty gnats, mosquitoes, flies, they all can go! I hate bugs with a passion - I understand that they have their place on this earth, but man they ick me out. I love ladybugs, but hey, if I have to see a billion of them in a floressent light again it will be to soon.

    The world would be a wonderful place without the creepy crawlies. I wouldn't have to worry about ants entering the house, termites eating the porch, or spiders in my bathroom. The chirping of crickets coming from "somewhere" in the house can go too. I hate it when a cricket comes inside and I can't find it.

    And whoever invented bedbugs can just go straight to hell, no stopping included. Have you ever seen those things? They are gross, creepy, and they suck your blood. I was bitten by a couple in Russia, and well, I wouldn't want THAT experience again.

    I don't have a very good relationship with anything that is after my blood. If it creeps, crawles, or is in my shower when it isn't suppose to be, well those can go too. :)

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