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Writer's Block

Life With ADHD

This month is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month. Talk about your experiences with ADHD, or those of someone close to you.

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  • I don't have- OOOH SHINY! Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  •     I have ADHD so I personally know how it is.

          I have been diagnosed since I was really young I am now 18 years old  plus I am female and ADHD is more common in males. So I am part of a small group of females who have ADD or ADHD. Some people may outgrow it but doctos as well as myswelf doubt that will happen for me. But you know what I am fine with that as I have learned to cope.

        I have been on medication to help me with my concentration/attention which really does help yes I can still lose concentration just like everyone and yes my attention still wanders but I find it easier to use coping stratagies. This is very helpful during school.

       I remember one time uring 4th grade my doctors wanted to see if I could be taken off my meds so they sent me to school without my meds
    my teachers wrote back please put her back on them (they had been advised ahead of time) and I, even in grade 4, agreed with them.

         The medication I am on now starts wearing off around 7:30 to 8:00  at night which is fine but I do notice the difference I am much more flighty and attention wanders (unless I am watching TV, as I am obsessed with my TV shows)

         ADHD causes me to have a lot of natural energy it feels like my brain is always on the go including at night. This can make going to sleep very difficult at times. These times I either just lie there or I mayy read or go watch more tv until I am tired.

    For me ADHD is not the only 'Disability' I am dealing with but it one of a few but as with ADHD I have learned to cope with all of them

    Being diagnosed with ADHD makes me who I am and there is nothing I would do to change who I am.

  •  I am FREEZING, Got to go to bed but wont sleep so cold  nothing is warming me up! Watched Dirty Dancing  - luv that movie:
  • This question is very easy to answer because.  I actually have ADHD.  So, I have to take medicine to focus and be calm.  And I love taking it! 
  • I was an ADD/ADHD atheist until i got a job at a group home this summer. There was a boy there who had such severe ADHD that he couldn't handle watching a movie without shitfing positions every 20 seconds, laughing uproariously at everything that he found funny, and running around the room and saying "MONKEY!" and things like that if he found something REALLY funny. He was alright when he was just colouring or something though. Needless to say, i fully believe in ADHD now, although i still do believe that it is often (sadly) misdiagnosed. But yeah, basically i wanted to wring the kid's neck.
  • Well, it runs in the family...ooh look, shiny!

  • I think the majority of people today have some form of Attention deficit issues.    There is so much sensory stimulation available with cell phones, music and video players, gaming, HDTV,  etc.... the list goes on. 
    My sister has a shirt with a graphic on the front, it reads:  "They say I have ADD but...oh look there goes a chicken!"
  • My younger cousin has ADHD. Conditions were quite messy when he was way younger; he's so much better now. However, he's always advised to avoid sugar as much as he can because somehow sugar triggers that hyper-ness in him. Well, as a kid (going to pre-teen), he loves Coca Cola. We allow him to have a sip or half a can once in awhile, just so that he won't have a 'bad childhood' for not being able to enjoy his favourite soft drink (ha ha). Last time whenever he's up and hyper, things got so bad that I actually could shout at him to shut up, sit down and do nothing. I wasn't any older than how he is right now even. I used to think that I would never like him in my whole life, because I never knew what was his problem being a monkey around the whole place. I learned about his condition a few years back and I started to show more concern. Being at his pre-teen stage now, he tends to be rather more rebellious than most other kids of his age. His parents often turn to me for help, to talk to him and everything. He listens to us (cousins) readily of course. You know how it's like. So yes, I've learnt to be more patient after all this time.

    It's quite interesting someone actually brought this up for Writer's Block.

  • Um... Bullshit.

    My sister apparently has "ADD".
    Really, she's just a stupid 17 year old who wants to go out and have parties.
    Why "can't" she pay attention in classes?
    Because she doesn't give a shit.
    Oh that was a real mystery. -.-;

    I miss those ads that were on the bus for a while making fun of things like this.
    Something like "What do you do when your child wants to run around and be kid?"
    "Give them Ritalin."

    Ritalin is "for a stabilizing effect in children with a behavioral syndrome characterized by the following group of developmentally inappropriate symptoms: moderate-to-severe distractibility, short attention span, hyperactivity, emotional lability, and impulsivity." (got the quote from a drug index website.)

    Well, gee, I wonder why kids don't want to sit still for 6 hours of school? I wonder why interacting with friends and playing pretend games would be more interesting than 1+1=2... I mean... Does anyone even remember what it was like to be that young? I remember I had endless amounts of energy. I always wanted to go go go. Go play with friends, run around the street... Sleeping, relaxing, that was always the last thing on my mind.
  • Well I dont have ADHD, but I do have ADD...and Im Bi polar...what a combo..lets see...where do I start? When I was in elementry school, I always got in trouble because I would always talk, and get up and walk around the class when I was supposed to be doing my work! Then when I got older, my mom started noticing my temper. I would get mad or sad, and I would hurt myself. not neccesarily cutting myself, but i would slam my head into the wall, and hit myself, yada yada yada. Then when I was 13, it kicked in even more. I started cutting. I think a lot of it had to do with my stepdad, and my mom always yelling at me because I always had an attitude. So I'd run to my room and hurt myself. Then it got worse when I was 15...I just really hated life because I had all these secrets and felt like the world was against me, and God was against me..blah blah blah...I stopped cutting when I was like 19...I've done it a few times since then, but not like i used to. I've been through a lot of shit in my life, but I try to just ignore it. It's hard sometimes. but now im thinner, and have the bestest bf now, he's one of the main things that makes me happy. well, him and my bffs... anyways, with my ADD and being Bi polar, it's quite a combo. I get distracted all the time, and have a million thoughts going through my head all the time. quite exhausting i might say...
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