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Writer's Block

Ramadan anyone?

Ramadan begins this week. How do you and/or your family celebrate month nine of the Islamic calendar? How are the events of the month important to you?

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  • I'm not Muslim. I don't celebrate Ramadan. I don't know anyone who does. Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!

  • Мои друзья, Турция, Пакистан и Афганистан, соблюдают исламский календарь - мы вместе пьём ночами, похмеляемся утром и идём кушать в макдональдс. А всё потому, что мы студенты в солнечной стране, Норвегии, йопть!

  • Honestly...when I saw this Writer's Block in LJ, my eyebrows raised right up to my hairline. Oh, okay. LJ actually acknowledges Ramadan.
    All right.
    Still getting over the shock.

    All right...to answer... I celebrate this month, of course, by fasting. This year I'll be fasting for 3 weeks in college and 1 week at home. It's extremely fun having iftar with my friends, and sahur...it's even more fun to fast together for three weeks. Going to classes from morning until afternoon, I assure you, takes a heavy toll on my skinny-skin-skin body. The last time I fasted that long while going to school (boarding school) I fainted dead away from dehydration...haha. Nuts. So since I have that crazy experience under my belt I'm making sure that I drink enough water for sahur.

    Initially, I live in a Muslim country and the people around me would be Muslims too. I could say that it feels blissful fasting alongside my sisters and brothers. oh, there are other people who practice other religions but since Islam is largely practiced here...you can see the difference between those who are practising different religions during this month. At any time of the hour you can hear someone reciting the Koran. Maghrib, Isya' and tarawikh prayers here is usually seen done in jamaah. If it's the weekends we girls usually pray in jamaah for at least 3 out of 5 prayer times. Basically, we are trying to increase our ibadah for this month of blessings. Wheee.

    A tradition in my country is the 'balik kampung' affair. It basically means that those who have travelled away from their hometown would come back around the last week of Ramadan to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with family - And I mean family - from first cousins to aunts to second cousins all congregate to one home (usually the eldest in the family branch - parents/ grandparents/ great-grandparents/ eldest sibling) to celebrate. Well, friends are invited but of course, family first. The tradition of celebrating Eid-ul-fitr is what caused my nasty pre-occupation for buying bus tickets to go back home. The tickets are SOLD OUT....am I to be stranded here in college? Well...to be continued.

    All in all...i hope this month of blessings would be a blessing for me, my firends and all the Muslims out there.... Happy Fasting.


  • I don't celebrate Ramadan but I remember learning about the Islamic culture, etc. in grade school. It was interesting learning the stages, etc. :D
  • i don't like questions that not everybody can answer... i don't celebrate this.
  • we do tarawikh every night...recite quran daily..and so on.
  • Eating lots of bacon, stepping on bread and waving the American flag. Supporting women's rights. The event of Labor Day was a very important event to me, since I got off work.
  • To me ramadan has always been important, since I was raised in a family where my parents gave it much importance. What I learnt from them was not just the religious aspect of the month but also the humanitarian aspect.
    Ramadan is a month of abstenance. Not just from food, but bad thoughts and deeds as well. Violating any of the afore mentioned is a vilation of the Rozas.
    A month of keeping anger in control, keeping a check on bad deeds, Abstaining from speaking ill of others. In general its a month for being good. And believe me, a month of being good is enough to keep you good for the entire year if you dont try too hard to be bad LOL
  • We eat lots of pork.
  • I don't celebrate it but I use to live in the middle east where they do. And to have land in the hot summer time over there the people who have the will power to do this more power to you. I want to say those so call people who say they believe in the bible or the first testment then turn around and insult another religion, you are just fakes trying to feel better about how big of an IDIOT you are. I watch kids in 5th grade do ramadan and how hard it can be. Before you have the right to dis remember this you most likely don't have the power to do this and are just weak, you are a lower form of the human spiece. And as I recall the bible does say judge not, that ye be not judge. So yeah Happy ramadan to those who celebrate it. Happy Eid when it over.
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