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Writer's Block


Remembering Summer

Care to reminisce about some favorite (or not so favorite) summer memories?

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  • Favorite; meeting the Jonas bros, sneaking out, car rides, sleepovers, camel beach, california, journey concert, downtown, friends.
    Least favorite; getting grounded every other day, getting dicked over.
  • Doing your mom in the ass.
  • there are WAY too many good ones to list here.......most of them involve me and katie and taylor coming up with crazy plans and ideas.....we were so funny.   one particualrly good experience was when we camped at KOA campground 4 years or so ago on the fourth of july. :-D that was one of my favorite times.
  • There is so much I could write about this summer. I don't really know where to start. I have been so fortunate and have been able to to go to so many exciting places such as Australia and France. I don't think my feet have touched the ground.
    Well at least have a week to tell everyone everthing that has been happening so I will make this entry short but my next entry will be long!
  • NOPE!
  • It had to be that night Niki and I snuck out to go see Brian and Christopher and then walked to the Tom Thumb and bought condoms and Monster, walked to the gay park and burned money and almost passed out, then walked back to my house where Chris proceded to squish the bushes in front of my window. Which my mother noticed the next morning. Yeah. I miss that night.
  • Легко. Кипр. Вечер в ресторане. И две порции мезе... На двоих.
  • Summer was a failure. THE END!
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