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Writer's Block

Entertainment: Paparazzi

Have you ever taken a photo of a celebrity?

Answers (96)

  • That depends on what you mean by a "celebrity". If you mean the sort of but not entirely famous people who play in concerts and at festivals in Chicago, that one can get into for relatively little, then the answer is "yes", because I have taken shots of the stage, before, and will do so, again. Why not? Those who are up on stage should have the expectation that they are going to be watched while up there, so there is no reasonable expectation of privacy on their part, at that moment. But, If you're referring to the actors who come to shoot in Chicago, especially when they're just walking down the street, the answer is "no", because I honestly believe them when they say that they hate that, and I can see why. How would you feel if you couldn't go anywhere without the whole world knowing about it? Privacy is a basic human need, and a basic human right, and celebrities are human beings.

    I don't agree with the notion some have advanced, that to do something that is in some way gets the public's attention should be viewed as a choice to sign on to that kind of fish bowl existence. Like any craftsman, the actor does what he does, and his or her job is about that, and shouldn't be about anything more than that. If we love the job that is done, thanks are owed, but they're owed by us, not to us, and so they do not, in any way, give us the right to intrude.
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  • I work in radio. I've taken tons.
  • Yes! I met Mana, and I got a picture with their guitar player :)
  • ask Badkitty about Dallas' own "MR. PEPPERMINT"
  •  UMMMMMMMMM!!!! Hmmmmmmmmm Ummmmmmmmm let me think umm............NO!!
    lol i'm soo funny you have kno clue TeeHee hahahaha : )
  •  I've taken photographs of Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Mindless Self Indulgence, Madina Lake, THe Bled, and a looot more. <3
  • I have taken pics of only 3 celebs: Talena, Fallon and Morgan of Kittie. My brother and I met them after a show and I took his pics with them.
  • Nope. It always seems a bit rude to do to most famous people. And the ones that love it, the attention whores, well I don't feel like I should feed their egos. I'd much rather take incriminating photos of my friends then strangers that every one "knows". But I have seen Helen Reddy naked.
  • No, unless B J Thomas counts. He was playing at King's Dominion once, and I took some photos of him.
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