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Writer's Block


The Best Invention

What would you consider to be the single greatest invention in the history of the world? Why?

Answers (240)

  • "the bra" Thank god for  Mary Phelps Jacoba a New York socialite who invented the modern bra in 1913.
    if it wasn't for her, i'd be walking around with my boobs between my knees.
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  • The toothbrush. Toothpaste a close second. For centuries people had to deal with rotten teeth and tooth pain because they didn't have it.
  • I can't remember if I did this one or not.. so I'm doing it (maybe again)

    My answer is the pen.  Yeah, predictable answer coming from a writer.

    But without it loved ones would have lost touch with others.  Medical people couldn't write down their theories, ideas and what became of them.  Writers couldn't write the stories that we love and cherish today.  The pen is made of win.  Love it and use it more often.

    Thats all.


  • The human race. Why? I have my reasons
  • Письменность. Патамушта.
  •  Sliced bread.
  •  Lol well if you're my friend Adriene, and you're practicing for impromptu speeches for our Academic Decathlon competition, you would go with the oven.  Why the oven, you may ask?

    "Because you can make cakes...and cookies...and cupcakes....And your food won't be gross and uncooked."

    At least she could have b.s.'ed and said "you can make cakes, and as birthdays and special occasions are important to me, and the way I celebrate those is through baking for said friends, I believe the oven is the most important invention in the history of the world."

    Lol, good times
    Chocolate.  It makes me happy.
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