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Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever encountered one?

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  • Yes, I believe in them; I always have -- my mom and grandmother are the "witches" of the family, and brought me up believing like they do -- in spirits, auras, ghosts, the Tarot, healing hands, all that.

    When I was very small, we lived in an old house in Little Rock, and it was haunted by the ghost of a little girl (my nursery had been her room). I don't know if I ever saw her, but even my dad (who is the polar opposite of my mom as far as spirituality goes) was touched by her at least once.

    Just this past summer, I was staying at my grandmother's farm just outside of Little Rock and I woke up in the middle of the night. A man was standing next to my bed -- wearing a soldier's uniform from maybe the seventeenth or eighteenth century -- missing his left arm from the elbow down. He wasn't bloody or gory or anything, and he didn't hurt me or try to hurt me, but he did startle me quite a bit.

    While sleeping over at a friend's house about a year ago, we were talking to her house's resident ghost and manage to get a recording of his voice (you have to have the volume all the way up and be listening very closely, but you can hear him). It was definitely one of the most unnerving experiences of my life; but it was really, really cool.
  • yes I do beleive in them so so much I dont have much time to explain cause I have to go but I now my friend has encountered them many time before I am all most positive she is nt lyin gbut cool question huh?!
  • I do strongly believe in ghosts. And yes, i have encountered them.

    Since i was young i've been able to 'sense' them, as well as 'feel' into the future. Most people say when they get a "chill" they think a ghost is around. I can just sorta feel this little pressure when they are.

    When i was younger, i woke up to screaming. Loud screaming. In my closet. No one else in my house heard them. I asked my mom and my sister the next day, and they thought i was crazy. it turns out, from what i think, that they were banshee's... that night, the old man down the street [my only friend that lived near me's grandfather] died...

    Also, at my dad's old house, whenever there were no lights on you could hear someone moving around in the kitchen. And also sometimes hear little kid's voices. I was awoken one night by a child TALKING to me. When i jolted up the voice stopped. It was so weird. Also, when we first moved in, me and my older sister were sitting downstairs waiting for the rest of my family to get back to bring the rest of the stuff, when we heard someone moving upstairs. it wasn't the house settling, we could hear steps moving across the room above us, into the next room, then into the hall... and down teh stairs... i still feel chills. it was so creepy. me and my sister stood there, staring... there was nothing there... yet we HEARD the foorsteps moving closer to us down teh stairs. it was so... shocking. neither of us have talked about it since. i doubt she remembers.

    OH! and another. when i was... i'd say 7 [i lived in EHT] i was laying in bed, my mom was out it was just me, my sister, and my cousin [she was 18] in the house. my sister was in another room sleeping, and my cousin was watching tv. i felt something wrap around me, tight. it was arms, i could feel them. bones. i can still feel them when i lay in my bed sometimes. Something was trying to reach up, and drag me through my bed, with it down into the darkness. I asked my mother the next day why she hugged my so tightly, and pulled my so hard downward. my mom looked at me weirdly, and said she didn't get home till around 3 am...

    At night when i try to sleep, i feel people. As if someone was next to me, i turn around sharply to look... and nothing. the feeling dissapears until i turn around again. I can't sleep with my back facing anywhere but the the wall.

    The only time i can truely fall asleep without worrying, is when i have other people sleeping in the room with me. I love sleepovers for that reason.

    I'm a weirdo i know.

  • no and sort of and no again. When I was about eight or nine I was at a friends house. I had her her and my sister claim the place was haunted. That night I was watching tv and glanced down there hallway and saw a figure standing there, it was completly sillouetted. I thought it was their grandmother until I realized that she was in the room next to me. The figure disapeared and I could never tell who it was. I sty skeptical about these things. I still tell myself it was just a trick of light or someone else I didn't take into account. But..they were standing so close to me that It should have been clearly visible. And I still remember just knowing it was looking at me. but, since then, nothing has ever happened to convince me that spirits still roam around after death. I've seen nothing and don't believe.
  • I definetly believe in the spiritual plan, mostly because, when my grandfather on my mothers side died, I knew that he would 5 minuts before he did. Kind of scary, but I think that most poeple experiance that. Most in my family most certanly have -.-"

  • I'm not exactly sure how to answer this. I guess you could say I believe in spirits, but... yeah. Not sure  about all that.

    And I've never seen a ghost. But I know people who *have*. Or they know people who have. I always wonder: how much can you trust? Are these honest accounts, or embellished stories, told so many times that the speaker believes them him/herself? They sound real enough, and the stories are actually interesting, told by people who don't even like telling stories - they tell it as if they were speaking about a stroll through the park, or a movie they watched the other day. I'm not really sure what to believe.

    But... if the stories actually are real, wouldn't these people, you know, be traumatized? In a hospital somewhere, muttering something along the lines of, "I saw...it...white...eyes....there...told me...saw..." etc. I know I'd be totally shocked. I'd probably pass out, even (side note: I wonder what fainting feels like. I've never fainted before. Is it like sleeping? Only deeper? I know people who've fainted mutliiple times...sort of creepy...)

    Anyway, no I don't really believe in ghosts, I've never seen one, and I don't even like ghost stories. I don't like horror stories. Horror movies. Horror anything. I'm not into scary things. Call me a wimp, but I'd rather be a wimp without nightmares than a cocky know-it-all who's *haunted* everywhere she goes...
  • I have seen the Seneca spook lights on several occasions. I even know the best place to get the best view of the lights. Essentially the spook lights appear to be a small point of light that appears on a dirt road off in the distance. The light will eventually come closer, maybe no more than 50 yards from where you stand. Upon fuurther observation, it looks more like several small orbs of light, different colors and it usually does very entertaining flashes, zips, zigs, strobes, and whispy loops in the air. In fact, this is such a well known and documented incident that usually every Friday and Saturday people would line their cars along the dirt road to watch the lights for themselves. Most of them never see it because they don't know where the sweet spot is (the second hill on the dirt road on the left hand side), however it seems to be a very social occasion either way.
  • When I was little I used to play with ghosts. Now I think I still feel them around, but I feel crazy saying it. I definately believe in them, I'm just not comfortable saying that I see them, when I was a kid I used to talk about seeing them all the time. I don't doubt that I saw them, but I just think it makes me seem nuts to still see them. Oh, and they don't like being called Ghosts, they told me so, lol.
  • No to the first question because the answer to the second question is also no.
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