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Writer's Block


The Expendable Sense(s)

If you had to give up one of your five senses, which could you live without?

Answers (247)

  • I'd gladly give up the ability to smell. I'm fond of being able to see and hear things. It'd kind of suck not to be able to taste things but I guess I could live without that sense too. Not being able to feel things is probably dangerous. How would you know if something was too hot, or sharp? So, my answer for the question is smell or taste.
  • smell
  • I could live without Smelling. Because, I don't sniff stuff much anyways.

  • I would choose speaking as well. One; because during sex i want to hear,smell,feel,see,and especially taste :)
  • Smelling! I've lived without it before. Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • Я бы от вкуса отказалась с пол пинка. Не тянуло бы тогда жрать все вкусное. Вечная диета без всяких хлопот =)))

  • It would probably have to be taste. Only if I had to give it up though. Because I don't know how I'd go on without any of the other four.
  • This is should be an easy one. I would due with out my hearing because one day I will not hear anything again. Funny that I am accepting it now. I am worried about losing it but there is some positive things I wouldn't have to hear bad things about me. I couldn't work in a call center. There will be alot of negatives as well. Like I couldn't hear anyone more then I do now lol. I couldn't listen to music, use a phone, talk to people with out sign language or writing it out. Oh well I better get used to it. I figured it would be better then not being able to see anything, or being able to hear and not speak. You know smell wouldn't be a too bad of one, only thing tho you couldn't smell a gas or propane leak. Now I am gonna worry about lighting up a match or lighter now. Touch I dont think I could live with out touch. I like being able to feel and be felt. Not that it happens often Hitman
  • If I had to give up one of my senses it would be ... Taste.
     I would give my sense of taste away because if i wasn't able to taste anything i wouldn't be able to chose and pick what kind of food i like and dont like.
    This would change me a lot from everyone else because im a very picky eater and i dont like half  the food out there.
    although i know so many families would be fourtunate to have even a little bit of the food we get.
    I feel bad for them thats for sure but maybe if we didnt have our sense of taste we wouldnt only like certain foods they would get more food and it would be cheaper because not everyone would be fighting for the taste no one would be fighting for the taste because they wouldnt know what it tastes like.
    I think this would change a lot in our world if no one could taste.

    Who agrees with mee?

    Khadijahh;elizabeth;courneyea =D!
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