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Less Than Idle Hands

Do you have any odd nervous habits?

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  • Thanks to my last horse, who was a nuerotic nut-case, I've got all sorts of ulcers nervous habits, such as biting my nails, getting really tense, etc. The biggest, and most painful, would be that I clench my teeth really hard. Since I've got a strong jaw, I'm afraid that I'll break my teeth one day!
  • I have managed to break the habit of biting my nails but when I get nervous about something, just one nail suffers... my thumbnail. The rest I can ignore, but not the thumb on my left hand. Oh, just thought of one more. When I get nervous I completely lose my appetite. Now why I don't have a 24 inch waistline I don't know!
  • I have many typical nervous habits. Biting my nails when there is no acrylic covering them, biting the inside of my lip and cheek, etc. One very odd thing I have done since a child, especially when I am an anxious is to add up mentally the letters in the words of every sentence I hear. For example, the last sentence would equal 119. Then, 1+1+9=11; 1+1=2. That would be good or satisfying because "you" ultimately want to end up with an even number. If it didn't turn out that way, I sometimes will get so compulsive that I acutally go back and substitute words or rearrange the sentence so that I do end up with an even number. My mom never knew quite what to think of this habit but it was definitely a lot worse when I was younger. Now that I have unhealthy anxiety relievers such as bulimia and percocet, it only appears when said vices are taken away and I am suffering withdrawls.

    Just another of many quirks.

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  • okay so where do i begin..i guess you could say my whole life is a nervous habit. Whenever i get really nervous i play with my ears....especially if im wearing earrings. No wonder my ears get infected really easily. Now people know why i dont ever wear earrings on my band concert days.
  • really, who doesnt have any.  First of all, i start hyper-ventalating and sometimes i black out for a few seconds.  Then my palms get sweaty and my face turns bright red.  The final thing i usually do when i'm nervous is i start to talk really fast, like warp speed.  its pretty crazy
  • I touch my face or mouth a lot if I'm uncomfortable... I also tend to bite my lower lip and shake my legs/tap my foot.
  • When I'm nervous (or bored/restless, but mostly when I'm nervous) I start peel the skin of my lips. If you add a shock in this period, I start laughing. Honest to god laughing, albeit a bit shaky. Is that odd? ;)
  • I hate this but I have a facial tick whenever I worry about something
  • Yes i always start to fiddle with things when i'm nervous and i also run my fingers through my hair. I think they are quite normal nevous habits though. However, i do always scratch the inside of my right elbow with my left hand when i feel nervous or intimidated and i'm not sure why. It's quite a weird thing to do because it doesn't help me to feel any less nervous.
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