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Writer's Block


God For a Day

If you could be God for a day, what three things would be at the top of your to-do list?

Answers (234)

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  • Have peace jf peace,have love of love and many chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!^^
  • С кафедрой определиться было непросто, всё-таки их 40 - на весь наш факультет. Но методом исключения я как-то склонилась к матэку. А с научным руководитлем и того сложнее...
    И ох уж это вечное откладывание дел на потом. Сегодня свершилось наконец - позвонила-таки дяденьке, которого мне посоветовали в научные руководители. А ему студенты и не нужны вовсе. Есть уже, говорит. Извинялся даже...
    Смысла задаваться вопросом о том, почему я не начала поиски с сентября, я не вижу. Ну его, всё это.
    Как-нибудь само всё образуется.
  • У меня, знате ли, самые прекрасные соседи на свете!
    Я уже неоднократно в этом убеждалась.)

    И даже хорошо, что ЖЖ в очередной раз заглючил и депрессивный пост, написанный ранее не выложился.)

    Неожиданные планы на вечер оказались как нельзя кстати.)
    Покурили кальян с философскими разговорами за жизнь, попили чай, попели песни под гитары, попили вина - вечер этой пятницы точно удался.)
    Спасибо вам, [info]kom4ik[info]fly-dreamer, [info]usualgirl
    Как клёво, что вы есть.)
  • Хорошо бы знать каким богом...Греко -римские боги самый привлекательный вариант..Можно собрать компанию богов и богинь и отлично провести время...там ...на Олимпе...со всякими человеческими (земными) страстями..
  • 1.  Smite Jack T. Chick in a way that left no doubt in anyone's mind how pissed off I am.

    2.  Destroy all chain letters in an "act of God"

    3. Help little old ladies accross the street.
  • It's late, I know. OKAY. 1. Equal rights, particularly for gay couples. That way bandboys could freely admit their love for each other. 2. World peace, and I only said that because it's corny and I've always wanted to say I want world peace. =D Though I'd rather end world poverty. And send all the icecream that nations with money eat to third-world countries. 3. Bring together all my favourite bands and have one big, giant festival and everyone who wants to come can come, because spreading the luuurve is a good thing =D Most of the time, anyway. See? We could have more of this if my #1 was set in place. Feel the (angsty) ♥
  • God for a day eh? Sadly my answers would probablyy change drastically depending on which day this occured to me. Thus it is a good thing I'm not god. Guess I'll give a good day(rational day) example and a bad day(emotional day) example.

    Good Day
    1. I would eliminate any government or special interest group that allowed people to not be personally responsible for themselves. At the same time removing the human urge to help people who are not helping themselves to prevent the formation of such groups occuring again.
    2. I would clean up the environment and restock all the natural resources. Hopefully with mankinds current knowledge and their new found self reliance(see one) it will take them alittle longer to completely ravish and poison the earth.
    3. I would stop the childish game setup by my predecessor where I prentend that though I am omniscient and thus know everything you are going to do in your life I am in no way responsible for humans dying and burning in hell for eternity. This would likely require the elimination of Hell.

    Bad Day
    1. I would selectively eliminate 60% of the population.
    2. I would eliminate electricity
    3. I would set myself up as Emperor of Mankind.

  • If I get to be Thor, I would summon a little lightning, roll a little thunder, and spend the evening feasting with the honoured dead, which sounds like a pretty good day. If I'm Ares there's probably going to slaughter, unfortunately, followed by warfare and more slaughter. I'm not sure what I'd do if I was Geb, but it would almost certainly involve keeping the sky goddess busy (three times). That might be nearly as much fun as a day spent in the form of Dionysus, during which I would consume prodigious quantities of the finest food, imbibe stupendous volumes of wine, and frolick with as many delightful nymphs as possible.

    If I found myself in the form of the Abrahamic death god, I'd revel in my own tyranny, reign over my own private torture chamber, and force my trembling minions to bow down before me. For a few extra laughs I might blind a few bishops by showing them my buttocks, then round out the day by killing most of the people on Earth just for the hell of it.

    If I was the rather nebulous and ill-defined philosophical concept of an omnipotent being, I'd spend the day exploring the limits of my power. I'd like to know exactly what this mysterious concept called divinity actually is, because I've yet to see a definition that makes any kind of sense. Perhaps I'd have to be able to do something that is naturally or logically impossible. Can I make 1+1=3? That would really freak people out. Imagine not being able to count your own feet. You'd never have the right change. All over the world, confused women would complain that there were three people in their marriage, and their husbands would hope it was Scarlett Johansson.

  • 1) организовать места на Земле, куда могли бы приходить люди, желающие получить Знание о Самом Себе 2) спасти (если потребуется) цивилизацию от глобальных войн, опасных эспериментов, небесных тел и "плохих" планетян) 3) Отстроить особняк)))) Не, лучше Башню. Темную и страшную ВАХАХАХА!
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