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Writer's Block


Loved Ones Afar

Do you miss anyone right now? What past experiences with this person, or these persons, make it easy for you to miss them?

Answers (213)

  • Yes maybe. I think what I miss om our Music's teacher (female) from school. I love her)) And I know what she love me too curiously enough. She live nearly us but I have not learned in school 4 years already and I have seen her one or two times(((
    But we went on the comcert with music instruments (pipes and flauts) on birthday about 60 years with end of 2nd World War and I have few photos from it))) And I can see on our teacher on photo)))

  • Спонсор заметки -http://petrovatut.ru

    Мы идем  дальше.ботинки стоптаны.Но идти нужно. Нельзя стоять на месте.

    Это сложное и противоречивое состояние, состояние неустойчивости, потому что экономика и финансы сейчас во всем мире терпят не лучшие времена. А неустойчивая социальная защищенность привела тысячи людей в нашем краю к депресснякам и  нежелании искать свой путь.

    В современном социуме человек вешает на стену картину с каким-то одним предметом нарисованным. Типа - одиноко стоящее дерево. или один -единственный цветок.Не задумывались, отчего так? Да потому, что все вокруг его подталкивает к индивидуализму- предтече эгоизма и обособленности.И обстановку вокруг себя он выбирает соответствующую...

    Всеобщая урбанизация, однако, привнесла свой оскал (не поднимется рука написать - улыбку) в отношения между гражданами.

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  • I miss many people. obviously my boyfriend, But i miss my first girl crush, Dont get all OMG WTF IS WRONG WITH HER. I think i might be bi-sexual... im curious thats all. Well the things that happend with her, make our friend ship better, we arent scared to show each other off, or be whoever we want at that time. i miss her laugh. she has the best laugh. i miss her smile, eye to eye =] She's so loveable, she's so easy to miss, sh can turn around and you could miss her.

  • Right now yeah I miss alot of people. I miss Greg "duckman" as my mom calls him. I miss Tiffany, Sarah, Amanada. So many people I used to go to school with, Theresa. Its like for so long time used to talk to them all the time and they would cure my boredom or Used to hanging out with someone for so long, and They just up and move away and never get to see them that much anymore, It sucks, and It hurts but there is nothing you can do about it! What are you to do? Nothing but get over it and Move on. And yes it does make it easy for me to miss them. Because yeah I may talk to them everyday on the phone or on the net but It's still not the same as seeing them in person or going out with them or Going to there house and hanging out, Actually physcially doing things with them. I just miss them so much. I wish they had never moved to begin with, but Then it all started when evveryone meet there someones and it just changes you. and Who you are. It really does, Every snice I met jimmy. I have totally changed and you can ask anyone that knows me, They will tell you. I totally have changed. But some of it I think is in a good way but there are some Bad too. Yeah alot of people think of me as a "fake lesbian" that's not the case, The thing was back then I just thought I liked girls, Its called a phase. I think that was my time. Yeah I still think some girls are pretty and hot. But I don't think I could ever drag myself to date one or Ever see myself spending the rest of my life with one. It just wouldnt ever work out. Then I met someone and I just knew they were for me. I felt like I've known him all my life, Which I have off and on. It's strange to explain. But I am glad I am with whom I am today. I am glad I had the child I have today. I am just thankful for so many things. I'm just happy I am still here, Alive and Breathing. It feels great to be me. My life is good. Money not so much, But I try not to think about it, and I am good. I think about more postitives then negatives more. I don't dwelll as much as I used to. No more drama in my life like there used to be. Yeah I still may talk to some drama people back in the day, but It's not as bad as it WAY used to be. Life is good :)
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  • Yeah I really miss somebody right now. He left me so fast. I never pictured any minute without him. We met in Afghanistan when we were both deployed there over a year ago. We were together for a year before I got pregnant. I ended up getting in a lot of trouble so they sent me back to Germany where I was stationed to have my baby where it was safe. I never gave his name up. He meant too much to me and I really loved him. Well, things quickly started to change as soon as I left. He didn't want to be with me no more. He was making me feel like it was my fault. But little did I know that all along this guy who I fell so in love with had a hidden life the whole time. Just a few weeks ago I found out that he got married to another woman. I cut him out of my life completely 4 months ago. We don't talk anymore and he doesn't care about being a father to my child. Pretty sad isn't it? So what I miss the most is the way things were when we were together. But I guess all along what I really saw were lies. I was used and I guess that's what hurts the most. And It's not easy for me to miss him by any means.
  • Lately I've been really missing Colin.  We had a bad break up in January-Feburary, and since then whenever we've spoken it usually ended up in an argument.  I got really mad at him for just suddenly giving up on us, then saying he was going to try again, then a few days later breaking up with me again.  It was my first relationship too.  I loved him a lot, and I still do deep inside, even when we get short with each other.

    He moved away to Corner Brook to go to school, I never got to see him before he left.  He had a going away party but the girl who was going to give me a ride there decided not to go at the last minute.  I dated another guy this summer that didn't go too well either (Well it was fine until someone let me know he had a girlfriend), and it gave me a lot of perspective on what we had, what I probably should have done differently, and I appreciate the fact that at least he let me scream at him for what he did, while the creep with the girlfriend has me on ignore and won't face me.  I also miss joking around with him and cuddling.  Yeah, I miss cuddling.

    Come to think of it, I kinda miss the creep with the girlfriend too.  He was a good friend before we started seeing each other.

    Or maybe I just miss having a boy around?

  • I miss only really one person. My past expreiences well, they aren't so great.
    but we had some good times. . very good times. I just don't talk to her anymore.

    It sucks, but I'm dealing with it. It's for the better.

  •  i miss my dad.
    and not the dad that has been there most of my life.
    my real dad.
    i've never met him.
    and i want to now.
    to show him what he missed out on raising for fourteen years.
    to show him how good im doing.
    but i think he would be the only person i could really break down to.
    the only person i could tell my feelings too.
    it's odd how my mind works like that.
    my mom has been here for me my whole life, and is doing great as a single mom.
    i tell her just about everything,
    but i'm still missing my dad.
    it's as though when there isn't a relationship at all,
    a stronger bond can be formed.
    i want my dad.
    so badly.

  • Stephanie and I both went to the same high school, but with her being a year younger we never knew each other. We ended up meeting when we were about 20, our significant others shared an apartment, and our friendship grew. We both married about one month apart and lived in the same apartment complex for awhile until they moved about three and a half hours away. A couple of years later they returned to Indy and it isn't so far to drive so we visit more often. There's something about sharing many similar experiences with another person that forms a bond between you. We both bought our first houses at the same time. Our first babies were due a month apart, and we both miscarried those babies. Our second babies, Jacob and Joshua, were blonde boys born three months apart. She delivered Caleb, stillborn at a week overdue, while I was expecting then miscarried again. On a lighter note, we share many of the same hobbies, frustrations about being a mom, difficult family situations, and are homeschool moms about ready to throw in the towel. It should go without saying that we have a lot to talk about when we get together.  I very much miss having her close by, and though the northeast side of Indy is not that far it isn't close enough when we need a shoulder to cry on, a girl's night out, or a good gripe session Those things just have to hold on for that once a month visit.
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