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Writer's Block


Reality TV Your Way

If you could make your own reality show, what would it be about and who would be on it?

Answers (231)

  • I think George Carlin's idea was best: No Survivors.  I'd take a bunch of so-called "celebrities," people like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, and I'd let people hunt them for sport.  Maybe have Ted Nugent host.
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  • Kakogo hera fse otvechajut ne po russki?

  • Reality TV: at best, an amusing docu-soap featuring 'real people'.  At worst, a bunch of horrid people showing off and hoping to make it on to the D-list for their troubles.  (Or, perhaps sadder still, a troupe of permatanned has-beens, giving it one last desperate stab before obscurity sets in completely.)

    I think perhaps if I were to make a reality TV show, I'd attach a camera to a common rat and let it loose.  The results might not be too different from any currently existing series...
  •  I'd take has-been celebreties and put them on an island together, because it's such an orignal concept. I mean really orignal. 
    Seriously, though, we need to stop making reality TV.
  • If I had my own reality show, I think it would be a mix of Tyra Banks and Ellen Degeneres.  That would be so cool!
    They're both such smart, funny women! But at the same time, they help people in so many different ways, specifically women. I think that would be great. Who would be on it? Everyone would be on it! From the famous celebrities, to the politicians, to the everyday people from the audience!
  • This made me laugh a bit. It's funny you should mention that. See the first reality show started off with the name of "The Highlands". We had a Opener on youtube, and pictures, and a myspace group. It was like Laguna Beach only with gay men (still in the closet), Chorus/Theater kids, and a lake rather than a beach. We then took a hiatus and now moved to Orlando with or spinoff cast...We haven't really named this show. But we have a game show too called "So You Think You Can Be Our Friend?"...Anywho...........I now have my own spinoff called "The Drive" and my other best friend from high school is the other main character...along with about 3 people from the original cast of "The Highlands"

    It's quite a story. Quite a story. 

  • Basically a reverse survivor, where you want to be booted off the island. This is because instead of a tropical paradise it takes place in prison with actual convicts. There are teams (known on the show as 'gangs') and they compete in little contests to get one of their members released, and also the prisoners get to vote on one of their own for release from prison. Naturally, love triangles form. And a lot of coercion and subversion to influence the voters, if you know what I mean.
  •  I'd do a reality show that showcased three income groups: rich, middle class, and poor, and let viewers see that money isn't everything, and it's not unimportant, but that family above all determines true "wealth".
  •  I think my job might be a pretty good reality show; 7 people at a job that needs 17. 
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