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Last Call

You are on a plane that's about to crash. You have time to make ONE phone call. Who do you call and what do you say?

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  • I would call my Mom. She has always been there for me, through even the worst. I would tell her how much I appreciated her throughout my entire life even if I never really showed it and that I love her a lot.
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  • I call up Robert Pattinson and tell him I love his hair and his crooked smile (:
    And then I'll ask him to tell Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz that I love them (:
  •  Kay so I am on a plane thats about to crash? For one you arent allowed to use your phone when the plane is in the air. But if you were allowed to have your phone on and call somebody I would probably call my friend Katie. I would tell her my situation and exactly where the plane was. I would also tell her to do whatever she could to help save as many lives on this plane as possible even if it isnt mine. I'd tell her that I'm gonna miss her and if I die I will be watching over her protecting her. And if I were to happen to die as this plane crash is happening I would tell her to call my parents and a few friends what happened to me and I would tell her to take care of my puppy (if i have one then) I would then tell her that I had to go and I would try to survive the whole thing. After I got off the phone with her I would wish that I was either a) still talking to Katie or b) had the time to call one other person and tell them basically the same thing with a few details changed.
  • Okay. Assuming that I'm not going to survive, I would call my mother. I would tell her that I'm terribly sorry about everything I've put her through. I would tell her that she's right, I should have never turned out the way I have. I would also tell her that she's right again, I am a failure and I wish I could've had enough time to make it up to her. I would also tell her how much I love her and I know that her life will be possibly a little more at ease without me and I'd ask her not to forget me and to tell all my friends that I love them.
  • This is actually something that I have thought alot about. In my opinion the person that I would call and what I would say change frequently.

    I wouldn't want to phone someone that couldn't handle the fact that I'm about to die and I know it! I would want to phone somebody that I could trust to pass on my last words or messages accurately not somebody that would be too upset by the situation or somebody that might elaborate on what I had said!

    I think I would phone Brigitte my best best friend. She would be around to answer the call which is the main thing and I think she could handle it. I would tell her to tell my mum that Im sorry for some of the things she will find hidden in my room! Some of the things that she will learn about me! I would tell her to pass on a message to Richard another friend of mine who has the best of intentions but is never around as much as I have needed him and he has wanted to be and I would want her to make sure he knows that I understand and that I wouldnt want him to feel bad about that. Tell my brother that I think its ashame we couldnt have been as close as we were when we were little. Then to brigitte herself just that I appreciate her friendship and that she was there to be with me during these moments! That I love her and Ella(her little girl) and...
    Hopefully I could end it on a high note and say... "Maybe I was wrong! Flying isn't as safe as I thought!"

    The problem is that if that ever happened, if I was ever in a plane crash, I probably wouldnt get something like that out because all sense would probably go flying out the window!
  • Позвоню и узнаю свой балланс. Остальное уже не будет иметь смысла...
  •  I'll call God...and say: "Hey! Wake up and help me please!")))
  • Позвоню апостолу Петру, скажу, что я скоро буду и не плохо бы поставить чайник и заварить зелёного чая
  • Well.. It'd either be Ben or Ian.

    If it were Ben- I'd tell him how much I love him.. obviously. And I'd say sorry for all the times I hurt him and worried him. And I'd thank him for being that one person I felt one-hundred percent safe with. And I'd probably try to stay on the phone as long as I could- like until I died.

    If it were Ian- I'd tell him how much of an awesome friend he is. And that I'm sorry I hurt him so much. I just wish I could make it up to him somehow.
    And.. I'd probably tell him that I love him- you know, him being my best friend. And I'd thank him for always being there for me no matter how much it hurt him to be my friend.
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