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Writer's Block

Carrying the Cultural Torch

What traditions do you carry on during your day, consciously or otherwise?

Answers (215)

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  • Мы здороваемся, прощаемся,одеваемся, едим ложкой и вилкой, спим на постельном белье -вся жизнь-это соблюдение традиций. Или уточним термин "традиция".
  • What traditions do you carry on during your day, consciously or otherwise?

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  • Is maintaining a liquid diet of coffee until midafternoon a tradition?
  • Какие традиции я соблюдаю в течение дня? Всё очень просто -традиции которые прежде всего проверены тысячелетиями,подтверждены профессионалами и пропущены на все 100% через призму собственных ощущений от применения той или иной методики в жизни-среди всей  гущи Московской суеты! То что прошло проверку через ситуационные тренинги(то есть жизненные ситуации ,сценарии которых проходят импровизационно и как правило неожиданно для принимающего в ситуации-тренинге  участие)!
  •  Routines or traditions? Well, I have weird OCD moments (not meaning offence to anyone afflicted with OCD, I sometimes wonder if I have it) and have to do things certain ways sometimes or I feel really anxious and sometimes make myself sick (as in I feel naseous or whatever because I get so worried or convince myself there's something wrong)... And how would you know you do something if you don't do it consciously? I think I'm too used to what I do to really realize... I dunno. Waste of time, this.
  •  During school, in the mornings I do my usual routine:  I get dressed, I wash my face and my teeth, then I do my hair.  And I don't do this anymore becaue I don't have any math class, but in the past I would always finish my math homework before working on any other work.  Maybe because math has always been my favorite subject or because I'm good at math.
  • I always dry my fringe first, then I dry the right side then the left and finally the back of my hair. I do the underneath last. I have NO idea why because I've read countless times I'm doing it backwards. I also always have breakfast, I very rarely eat nothing till lunch. I get hungry!
  • I know that I have to do Hot Chocolate when I first get to work in the morning. It used to be coffee, but then it was really hurting my stomache. Umm... If they're unconcious, how do I know they're traditions? Lemme think. When I get home from work, or being out, I always have to go to the bathroom. I walk in the door and b-line for the bathroom. I used to wake up and make smoothies. Can't do that anymore (out of money)... I probably do a lot more, but I am not aware of what they are...

  • hahaha, i don't really pay attention to my routines anymore, but i know that i have one.

    during this part of the year, it's lay in bed until nine or so, and when i finally get up, i
    just go into the living room, and flick on the computer. while it's turning on, i go into
    the kitchen and make myself a truly novice breakfast (cookie crisps, pop tart, etc.).
    after that i surf the internet for several hours, due to lack of things to do.

    after i'm bored with even the internet, i usually take a shower, and dry my hair to some
    extremely loud music. after this stage of the day, i run out of things to do with myself, and
    i take to playing computer games, watching movies, or just reading a book.


    during the school year, it's usually, wake up at an ungodly hour, while the sun is still gracing
    another area of Earth with light, and eat a quick breakfast like pop tarts or mini muffins. after
    that i kinda just fall asleep on the kitchen table. when my mommy shakes me awake, i brush
    my teeth, make my bed and get dressed. after all of that, i usually have about twenty minutes
    until the bus comes, and my hair is either thrown up, or combed out because i straightened it
    the night before. after that, i swish on some eyeliner and mascara, and smear a layer of lip
    gloss on. then i tie my shoes, a ten minute adventure for me, a grown fifteen year old. by this
    time, i'm usually running five minutes behind, so i grab my keys and cellphone, and rush out
    the door, after my mommy kisses me goodbye.

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