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Do you have a remarkable phobia? Does your phobia have a large impact on your life?

Answers (218)

  • Gorillas. It does not impact my life. Unless I go to the zoo.
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  • i think i might've answered this before? haha

    i'm afraid of sharks like its going outta style. and deep water. well not so much waster as i am of DROWNING
    that would be the worse form of death from
    it doesn't really affect my life.. except that i wont go swimming in beaches at certain times (i've watched Shark Week on the Discovery Channel the last 2 years running and i know bettter xD) and i wont go out like past the height of my waist. unless i have a  relatively large group of friends with me haha

    &its not really a phobia, but i REALLY hate cottonballs. when they put them in the tylenol bottles and things, i have to have someone eles take it out for me. and i carry them around with me in case i ever need one, but i dont care if i sound like a drug addict. i can't have the cottonball in it. haha
  • Hide from Spiders, that is all. Spiders. I don't care if they are the size of a grain of salt or as big as Shelob. I don't want to be near one. Now back to you're regularly scheduled insanity.... Ahhh great.. now I've got that skin crawly feeling *eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww*
  •  I don't have a remarkable phobia.  Just an average one.  I don't like water.  I don't go running scared because of it, mind you.  I'm just not comfortable with it.

    For the most part, it hasn't had any real impact on me.  When I was fifteen, I went out in a small fishing boat out around Alaska.  That's not something the phobic would do.

    Of course, my fear's grown worse since then.  But that's neither here nor there,

    I currently live in a city where crossing water is  a must to get anywhere important.  It gives me a shiver up the spine, it does...
  • cotton balls. everything about them freaks me out. the texture, the look, the sound of them rubbing together. i get panic attacks
    and another would be tornadoes. no me gusta

  • A better question may be what am I NOT afraid of? lol Let's see...

    * Spiders - Especially wolf spiders, which we get a lot of in the basement.
    Major Impact? - Not really.
    * Water - I don't mean I afraid to take a shower or anything. I won't go near water that's more than 3 or 4 feet deep. Probably because I can't swim. lol
    Major Impact? - Could possibly affect me.
    * Boats - I will not get on a boat. Goes along with the water fear.
    Major Impact? - Could posibly affect me. 
    * Doors that are not fully open (only at night) - Let me explain. If the guest bedroom door is not fully open against the wall, and it's nighttime, it scares the beejeezus out of me.
    Major Impact? - Only at night. lol 
    * Bees, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, etc - I am terrified of stinging insects flying around me. God help you if one lands on me and you're nearby. 
    Major Impact? - More of an annoyance. Sometimes I can't go out on the deck because of yellow jackets.
    * Driving - Yes, I am terrified to drive. I also don't like being a passenger sometimes. I have gotten anxiety attacks in cars.
    Major Impact? - Most definitely.
    * Getting dental molds - You know how when you get braces the dentist/orthodontist makes you bite down on the putty-filled trays? Yeah, I didn't know I had this fear until I had this done.
    Major Impact? - Well, my bottom retainer broke 2 years ago and I still haven't gotten a new one bwcause I would need molds taken.
    * Escalators - I HATE escalators! I can go up them if I hold onto someone's arm (in a death-grip), but I can NOT come down one. I freeze and then get an anxiety attack.
    Major Impact? - Well, I have to always know where the stairs are. lol

    Most of my fears don't have a large impact on my life, but some, as you can see above, really do. I've had to accept that I'm just a weird person. lol

  • наверно у каждого из нас есть какая-то фобия, а может не фобия, а какой-нибудь пунктик. у меня, например, боязнь высоты... только в извращенном виде. мне очень нравится смотреть на город с высоты этажа 30. В Токио мы с подругой поднимались на 50 этаж: город как на ладони, незабываемое впечатление...
    а вот от эскалаторов меня в дрожь бросает... особенно поздно вечером, когда почти никого нет... встаешь на ступеньку, и он, гад такой, начинает медленно опускаться.... высоко, перед тобой никого нет, а он старенький, движется маленькими рывочками..... эта пытка длится минуты 2, но мне этого, поверьте, хватает.
    Еще боюсь (сама не знаю с чем это связано), когда поезд отъезжает.....наверно это от резкой смены картинки: только что перед твоим носом что-то было, а в следующий миг пустота.... под ногами тоже...ужас просто
  • I suffer from  kinemortophobia. Though, other than my friends making fun of me it doesn't really effect my life.
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