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Time Capsule

You are allowed to place three items from your lifetime into a box that will be opened in fifty years. What do you put in, and why?

Answers (243)

  • I would put my favorite few books of all time, paoicture of my granddaughter and me, and lots of pencils.
  • A copy of my first novel, a copy of my second (unpublished) novel, and a collection of my short stories. Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • 3 items, thats easy actaully.
    I'd put my box in  there for sure. In that box is all my notes from 8th and freshman years, pictures of old friends and boyfriends, items i got from people and my very first "alot of things" so many memories in that box. Notes between lauren and i, amazing pictures from the past that i'll never forget. That box holds alot of valueable things......

    Another thing i would put in it is all my year books, from kindergarden til senior year. I would love to see all the changes i had from being a little girl to growing into a beautiful women. It would be interesting to see.

    ANd last i would put my kolleen box in there. That box contains ALL Kolleen item i've ever recieved. Pictures, medals, lettermen jacket, patches, music, and videos. I'd get to see how crazy i was in highschool. Be able to remember the one thing i loved to do most, Which was dance.

    And like everyone says....We live once, and once your older, you change. Responsibilities are higher.
    i love being young. i take risks, i make mistakes, and i learn.

  • [Figured I'd post something I actually posted a couple months ago. I just reread it and I really like it.]

    I would put a C.D. with all the Nagerz videos on it. That C.D. would also have pictures of me and every person I can find, including pics of me and my friends [including gf's and people that used to be friends]. The other two things? Simply; A yearbook from elementary school and my senior yearbook. That way I can 'watch' myself grow up and hopefully show it all to my children one day. And in the senior yearbook I would write. I would just write pages and pages of things. I would write how i feel about people. I would write why I got in fights with people and why I got along with people. I'd write who I dated, who I loved and who I hated. I would put random dates in there that only make sense to me and perhaps a few others. I'd have my prom pics in there. All the pics from baseball when I was younger. Everything that let's me know exactly how I once was, because in 50 years I will not be the same. My parents WILL be dead. I will not have seen most the people I consider 'good friends' now for decades and I will be a different person. Perhaps I'll be dead? Perhaps I'll be a grandfather? My God. Me a grandfather! Ha. Time will fly, and I'm not looking forward to it...

    I wonder if my parents were the same way 37-38 years ago when they were my age? I bet they were, and I bet they miss it just as much as I will one day... I appreciate every second of youth I have. And cherish every cliche moment that is just like a movie.
    I swear my life is a sit-com. Either that or a movie. "My life is like watching a movie. I am just a character in everyone else's life and what I do affects how their movie goes. Lucky for me all the movies I watch have a happy ending...Right?"

    I make no sense, but it all makes sense to me. It all makes sense to me. Everything happens for a reason. Because God decides it? No. Because you have the choice of what to do. Thus you decide your own destiny. God just already knows what you're going to decide.

    Might as well have fun filming the movie, right? =]
  • it would be my parents and brother's pictures then my wallet and my watch. those are the things that would make me go on in the future i think? haha.
  •  I answer this one because it could be a fairly good way to judge someone. I think there are three main components: something to sell later for money, something to preserve for the sake of humanity, and something to remind you of your past. Firstly, my Epiphone Les Paul. I'd miss it, but when I'd dig it out, it would be well worth it to see how much it fetches. Secondly, a recorded DVD/video tape of various news programs of the day of burial. It will show what kind of problems we had to deal with and what kind of problems may still lurk in the future. Finally, my pastel crayon drawing of a dog wearing a sombrero...wait for it. I remember drawing it in fifth grade and being so proud that I finally understood perspective. I gave it to my dad on Father's Day...since then, it has been either posted on the side of his dresser, gone with him to work, or, as it is right now, framed and mounted just around his bed side table. Needless to say, it has some value.
  •  My ****, a cassette player, and a tape with the song, "**** In a Box," because I want people of the future to experience short-lived comedy sketches of my era firsthand.
  •  My skelletal fist, a spring, and a crumpled up note reading, "Gotcha!" so when they open it up, they'll get punched in the face by me. That's what you get for opening my box.
  • - Album of most the photos i have.
    - my sketch book
    - Hmm...
  • 1) An album of photos of my kids 2) A sun face art quilt, made by me 3) My 12 year old, paint splattered Birkenstocks Because.... all 3 indeed do symbolize my life, everything else is just fluff
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