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Writer's Block


You, the Movie

If your life was made into a movie, what type of movie would you want it to be? Who would you choose to play yourself? Who would play the important people in your life?

Answers (212)

  • i would want it to be a jane austen story. i just love her writing, the styles, the simplicity.... and the happy endings!
  • Actually, I believe that my life will one day take a dramatic turn that would only be found in a novel (or a movie I guess...) Chances are, it'll be a bad gay romance novel, but I'm still holding out that something sci-fi will happen with my life. I just hope my life doesn't turn out to be a murder mystery. As for who should play me: I really don't know... I guess if I had to pick, it'd be Jim Carrey, because he's almost as crazy as I am... His craziness is just funnier.
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  • i would be robert pattinsons wife in the new vampire movie named twilight and i would be a school girl and then we went to the same school as eachother and we would fall in love with him and then we would have one child named renesme and then he would bite me and then i would become a vampire and then i wouldnt be able to have anymore children. :]. and then we would be immortal and our love will go on forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A very boring one... and rather embarrassing.
    Who'd I want to play me... Jemima Rooper.
    My Dad... uh.. iuno...  Viggo Mortensen? hah
  • It would be very arthouse, with lots of interesting camera angles and unsettling music in inappropriate situations - the kind that leaves audiences scratching their heads when the end credits start rolling unexpectedly.
  • Probably will be some kind of comedy, not because I want it ... just because it is. (some dark parts and dram of course but with my mom around surely a comedy... at least for the people who watch it) I would choose Alaxis Bledel to play myself. So the cast wii be: Me --- Alexis Bledel (I look like her or the other way around dunno) My sister --- Leighton Meester (my sister is supposed to be similar to me so...) My big brother--- Johnny Depp My other brother --- I don't know My little brother --- Angus T. Jones My parents --- I don't know -* I'm still missing some names but I'm sure I'll find out later

    I'd make it a romantic/comedy/adventure movie.  Maybe because I'm only 19 there's not a lot of romance or action yet, but let's say when I'm older it'll be more exciting. No breaking down into song like Indian movies, but some dancing would be nice.

    My first choice would be Juhi Chawla, then Jordin Sparks, maybe gloria estefan?

    everyone else....
    mom- tabu (the mom from the namesake)
    dad-  seth rogan w/ black hair and darker skin
    aaron- find bigfoot
    andrew- tom wellling or david blaine
    alex-  josh peck?
    sunil- amir khan or will smith lol 

    that was tough.

    maybe I'll think of some more ppl later.

  • Hmm I don't know.. I would have to say that it would be a comedy/horror/drama if that could all ever fit together into a good movie. I don't know who would play me but Ellen Page would have to be my best friend and Helena Bonham Carter would have to fit in somewhere. I love her =)  
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