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Writer's Block


At the Hour of Preference

What time of day is best? Why?

Answers (252)

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  • Twilight :)
    Not to dark, not to light.
    Not too cold, not to hot. :)
    Just right.
  •  I have two, really. One of them is in the morning, when the sun's coming up. Like, around 7-ish, because it's not too bright. And the air is still cool and calm... And the way the morning light shines is so pretty. Like, have you ever stopped to think about it? It's so much different than any other time of the day.

    My other favorite time of the day is around sunset. It's sorta like in the morning, but darker and more pink and purple-y. The air isn't as calm then, or as cool, but it's still just right.
  • I really like night time.  That's not a time of day, I realize.  It's night.  But out here on the Cape, the sky is sooooo clear and you can see a billion stars and it's so beautiful.  I much prefer sunset to sun rise, I like the purples and blues that streak across the sky.
    And I love it even more when there is a thunder storm.
  •  When the sun begins to set and when the moon begins to rise. Sunsets are beautiful peaceful along with the moon and the stars. The night alows me to be alone and just think.
  •  night time because that is the only time that i am alone. and because im alone and i can think to myself
  • Night time because its quiet, serene, peaceful. Give's you time be yourself, lots of relaxation. Worries seem to fade away. The sky is just absolutely gorgeous when it's jeweled by the stars, and lit by the moon. Somtimes I wish it was always night time with a clear starlit sky. But this is just my opinoin.
  • Between 2-3am. I don't know why, but I'm just happier in that hour :P
  •  Dusk
    It fills me with energy and makes me want to go out and be social.
    The night has just begun.
  •  night definately. it's quiet. it's nice. it's calm. it's peaceful.
    it's the best time for sneaking out.
    i love night.
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