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What is your home setup for entertainment technology? Are you the one with the massive TV with theater surround sound, every Netflix/Hulu service out there, and all the latest gaming devices? Or do you have a more basic setup because that's all you need? If you could get one additional entertainment device or service at no cost to you, what would you choose?

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  • The entertainment center/system my boyfriend has consists of a 5.1 surround sound system that is hooked to his TV and computer. With that much sound, it makes watching movies, or playing video games on the PS4 much more fun. Nothing is more fun than doing that. We don’t disturb anyone when we have the base going. It’s just something we enjoy, and we can get away to our own little universe for a while. The massive TV with Netflix can be found in the theater/TV room of our building. Ultimately, that’s were many of us play wii bowling daily. Movies are watched twice a week, and watching sporting events on that 70 inch screen is fun, too. It makes things come more to live whenever the sound system has been turned own. In the theater room, there’s also a DVD and Blueray player. My boyfriend and I are the couple with the latest and newest Playstation gaming system. We’re always trying to upgrade our game collection whenever a new game comes out on the market. Nothing’s more fun that saving up money to get an exciting game, then attempt to beat it—even if we don’t already have the game guide for it. Me, I just have a TV. I wouldn’t exactly be able to work any of the other devices. Being a girl with limited vision just doesn’t make that really practical. Possible, either. I only know how to change the channels, turn the TV on or off, even adjust the volume. Anything else would be difficult for me to learn without fully being able to see what I’m physically doing. As far as cable goes, I think getting the X1 package would be cool. With that, there’s a voice-activated remote. You could tell it what you’re searching for, and it just finds it. It is something that I could even work with no problems whatsoever. I think it’s the best invention for the blind and visually impaired that has been developed in the last few years.
  • I have a medium amount of entertainment technology, much of which I use only rarely. The living room TV is always on when I'm home and awake - the noise from it keeps me company as I work, do chores, or craft. I have a DVR that I mostly use so I can re-watch current season episodes of my favorite show. The blue ray and media player get used once in a great while. The bedroom TV and blue ray are never used. That TV isn't even hooked up to cable. If I could wish for one thing...it would probably be a higher level of cable service. There are a few channels that I would like to listen to or watch that are not part of my package: Nat Geo, BBC America, and Cooking are some examples.
  • We have a smallish TV which we only ever use to watch DVDs even though we subscribe to cable as part of our internet and phone package. We catch the news on the internet, and occasionally stream free videos via Amazon Prime. If we ever want to listen to music (which is rare) we find what we want to listen to on YouTube. If I could get one additional device for free I might choose a TiVo, because TV shows and movies are never shown at a time that's convenient for me, but on the other hand I'd still probably never watch whatever I'd recorded because there's so much more to do in life besides watch TV. (So many books, so little time...)
  • I have a normal sized TV and a Blu-Ray player in my family room. I have another normal sized TV and a regular old DVD player in my bedroom. If I could get one entertainment device (TV related) with no cost to me it would be freaking cable.
  • I have only internet tv, and pc at home. It's all I need. I watch sermons online. I would like netflix for free service.
  • I've got a flat screen HDTV, a wii and a ps3. I don't have cable. I have a subscription streaming service but I almost always wind up watching on my computer. Part of this is probably because I've found shows buffer a lot over wireless in my condo, possibly from crowded wireless neworks interfering with each other. I've tried changing the wireless channel. No surround sound. I used to have an out of the box home theater system from when I lived in a house, but a couple things... the rear speakers are wired and I don't like wires going across the floor; and, I'm in a condo and don't want to be too loud. Since it's just me living here, I might be better served by fancy headphones, but I don't care enough to get any. About an extra service at no cost, may I please get faster Internet? The last time a tech came out, he thought the condition of the phone lines was impacting data speeds. I toy with going cable (Internet only) for an ISP, but I don't seem to care quite enough to bother with that yet. If I did, I'd dump my land line phone, though. I rarely use it and almost all I get are people I don't know.
  • I don't follow those kinds of bullshit trends. I don't need tat much to entertain me. All I have is a game system, a regular tv, and DVD player, and when I need it, on demand. If I could get one additional entertainment device for free, a lifetime membership and access to the best legal brothel in Nevada. Technology sucks, and is quite lame.
  • I have a chess board,, a backgammon set, and a few decks of cards for entertainment. Then, there is also the computer. I use the computer a lot for both work and play. Contrary to modern American standards, I believe that most of us play too much and should work more. My daughter, who still lives with me, has 'old' technology. She finally gave up her PS2 for a PS3, but kept the Wii and some recent version of the DS. We have the oldest, least expensive flat screen we could find, and only air channels. I'm looking into upgrading my flip phone to one of the larger tablets, but I've been saying that for over a year. Once upon a time, I was all into the latest and greatest tech, but then decided to go retro. Change for the sake of change is meaningless.
  • We (my partner and I) basically just have a normal-sized flat-screen TV as our basic device for TV/movie entertainment which we got from his relatives because they didn't need it anymore. We have a Playstation 2 and a DVD player, but we don't watch TV very often. As for music, we have a normal sound system and a vinyl record player that also plays CDs. As for gaming, the said Playstation 2 and a Nintendo 3DS as well as some games. If I could get an additional entertainment divice, that would probably be a new Nintendo console or some newer Playstation console. I'd also love to have a N64 to play the old games on it.